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The Metropolitan Police Department Baseball Team getting underway?

by on Dec.16, 2009 @ 11:43 am, under Other

The Metropolitan Police Department Baseball Team is beginning to take shape.

The manager will likely be former Nihon University Dai-san High School ace 47-year-old Hiroshi Nakase.  There are 18 players currently selected for the team, some with Koshien experience from when they were on high school teams like Seiko Gakuin High School (Fukushima), Chiba Keizai University High School (Chiba) and Hakuryo High School (Chiba).

The team uniforms will likely be a dark blue with a Pee-po-kun patch on the sleeve.

They do have a couple of problems they need to iron out though.

Due to their current schedules, the team will only be able to practice about once or twice a week.

They don't have access to a stadium that allows the use of hard baseballs.

There are a couple images of the team over at Sankei.  You can also see what the uniforms look like as well.