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Around the NPB: Tigers want Akahoshi as a special guest coach for spring camp

by on Dec.17, 2009 @ 7:09 pm, under NPB

Chiba Lotte Marines

...Club President Ryuzo Setoyama and vice team rep Akira Ishikawa submitted a request on Thursday to the Chiba City Governmental Offices to have Chiba Marine Stadium fitted with new turf.

For those wondering: according to Wikipedia, Chiba Marine Stadium is owned by Chiba City while the parking areas and other grounds are owned by Chiba Prefecture.

Chunichi Dragons

...Kazuki Yoshimi told reporters today that he will not throw a ball for the rest of the year.  Instead, he's focusing on working his lower body by doing lots of running.

Hanshin Tigers

...Keiji Uezono will be working out on his own this off-season.

...Akinobu Mayumi would like to see Norihiro Akahoshi return to the team as a special guest coach during Spring camp.

Akahoshi's retirement game will also likely take place on 3/14 against the Yomiuri Giants at Koshien Stadium.

Softbank Hawks

...The Hawks informed Tsuyoshi Wada that 60 days were added towards his FA game requirements due to a special clause that allows players to recoup up to 60 days due to injuries, provided they were on the active roster for at least 145 days the previous year.

Wada will now have a shot at earning his domestic FA option sometime next season.

...Unlike previous years, Hiroki Kokubo's goal for 2010 won't be to play every inning of every game.  His goal next season will instead be to play in every game.

...Munenori Kawasaki is set to begin his negotiations on the 18th.  He told reporters he wants to keep the contract simple and doesn't want any incentive clauses in his contract.

...Speaking at an event for an upcoming TV commercial for Nishi Nippon Tetsudo on Wednesday, Kawasaki told fans that he wanted to a marry a woman that could make miso soup.

...Sadaharu Oh is trying trying to make sure bad blood doesn't develop between Hidenori Tanoue and the Hawks.  He dropped by the front office on Wednesday and said it's during negotiations that players can teams can get everything out on the table and learn more about one another to help the team grow.

Tanoue said on Wednesday that he may leave it up to his agent to finish off the negotiations since he won't be back in Fukuoka again until the middle of January.  There's still apparently a 15M yen difference between what the club is offering Tanoue and what Tanoue wants from the club.