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Ichiro Suzuki, Hideki Matsui, and Pedro Okuda

by on Dec.17, 2009 @ 7:10 pm, under MLB

Close to 50 reporters showed up to watch Ichiro train at the Giants' Kawasaki training complex.

Ichiro showed up to the complex at about 11 in the morning and spent about an hour doing stretches, running, playing some catch, and BP.


There were apparently about 5 reporters from the US at Hideki Matsui's press conference vs about 100 Japanese reporters.

Former Seattle Mariner / Los Angels Angel Shigetoshi Hasegawa feels Matsui made the right decision in signing with the Angels.  Said Hasegawa:

I think they signed Matsui not because he's Japanese, but because he can play.  I'm even proud of him.  The Angels are the complete opposite of the Yankees.  The Angels are more of a family team.  There isn't a lot of pressure and I think he'll be able to focus in on playing his game.  The ball takes off pretty well here, so I think that will work in his advantage.

And as far-fetched as this might be, Sponichi is drawing comparisons to another player that went from the Yankees to the Angels: Reggie Jackson.

Sponichi also wonders what the NY crowd reaction will be like when Matsui returns to Yankee Stadium on 4/13.  I'm guessing the NY fans will give Matsui a nice round of applause.


The Mariners signed Pedro Okuda to a minor league contract on Wednesday.  He'll head to Venezuela (where the Mariners have a baseball academy) after he graduates from High School next Spring.

5 comments on “Ichiro Suzuki, Hideki Matsui, and Pedro Okuda

  1. Eiki

    If Pedro Okada that you are talking about is a brazilian, then his right name his Okuda
    I know him, I played against him here in brazil

    1. Gen Post author

      Sorry, typo on my end. It should be Okuda, as you mention.

      So you played against him? That’s pretty cool. Is there anything you remember about him specifically?

  2. Eiki

    I don’t know, like what ?He is one of the best players in his age here, he is great in defense and batting, he isn’t like a power hitter, but a contact hitter, also fast
    I’d like to know if you know something about an another brazilian that played if Pedro in High School, his name is Diego Ito

    1. Gen Post author

      Thanks for the info on Okuda. That’s what I was looking for.

      To be honest, I don’t really know much about Diego Ito, other than that he played with Pedro Okuda.

      Based on what I could find, he never submitted a letter of intention in Japan, meaning he couldn’t take part in the draft this year. Pedro Okuda did.

      Other than that, I can’t really seem to find any updated information.

      Perhaps someone else has more info?

  3. Eiki

    Thanks,it’s just that I never saw anything about him in Japan, I played with Diego for Brazil in a championship in Mexico.
    There are some others brazilians that I know that play in Japan, but it seens that they don’t get much attention

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