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The financial impact of Hideki Matsui in Japan

by on Dec.17, 2009 @ 9:49 am, under Other

Now that Hideki Matsui is an Angel, the travel agencies are beginning their push into creating travel packages that include stops at Angels' games.

HIS, one of the larger travel agencies in Japan, apparently sells about 40-50 travel packages to California a year.  With Matsui now in an Angels' uniform, HIS is hoping that number will grow to 300.

A bunch of companies in Japan are also looking to extend their advertising deals with Matsui, including Kirin Beverages, Komatsu, and Mizuno.

Komatsu happens to be the same company that took out a large add at Yankee Stadium.  They are now considering ad options with the Angels.

And according to a news program I watched the other night, companies in Japan may be lining up to drop big money on ad space for opening day at Angel Stadium.

The reason?

Matsui's first game, first at bat, as an Angel, will likely be played over and over again on Japanese TV, creating a huge amount of instant exposure.