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Name change: Korea Turtle Ships to Korea Haechi

by on Dec.18, 2009 @ 12:07 am, under Independent

The Korea Turtle Ships announced a name change during a Kansai Independent League meeting on Thursday.  Instead of being called the Korea Turtle Ships, the team will now be called the Korea Haechi.

The Haechi is currently the symbol of Seoul, Korea and is a creature that usually "appears in myths as a guardian against fire and disasters."

Also discussed during the meeting:

Games will begin in April 2010.

The league is looking into the possibility of all four teams playing 6 games over a span of 3 days in Korea.

There's also apparently a club in the States that's interested in the league.  The article doesn't really go into too much detail but does mention that the league is currently considering the option of having the US club participate in a Cup style, short series tournament.