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Around the NPB Horn: Jeff Williams could still return to Tigers?

by on Dec.21, 2009 @ 10:48 am, under NPB

Chiba Lotte Marines

...Shoitsu Ohmatsu wants to hold some sort of a fan event with Hideki Matsui.  But Ohmatsu feels he still isn't worthy enough to stand next to Matsui at an event.  To that end, Ohmatsu hopes to work on increasing his HR and RBI totals.

Chunichi Dragons

...Junki Ito plans on climbing Kinkazan in Gifu prefecture as part of his training.

...Atsushi Fujii uses a Ty Cobb model bat.  He let Masahiro Araki borrow one of his bats during the Climax Series.  Now Araki plans on adding the Ty Cobb model bat to his own collection.  The Ty Cobb model bat apparently has a thicker grip than most bats and that apparently allows Araki to swing the bat with less strain on his wrists.

Hanshin Tigers

...Minoru Iwata made an appearance at a Christmas Party on Sunday.  The party was held at a hospital in Hiroshima for about 130 patients with type 1 diabetes and their families.

...Hirotaka Egusa walked 40 batters in 63 innings last season.  He's now turning to mental trainer Asami Kuru for help.

...Seems there's still a chance that Jeff Williams could make a return to the Tigers.  A lot will depends on how rehab is going on his left shoulder.  But if everything is good, the Tigers appear willing to re-open discussions with the lefty.

It seems he could be ready to start throwing again by May 2010.

Nippon Ham Fighters

...Masaru Takeda plans on taking his fastball down a notch (from about a top speed of 139-140 km/h to a consistent 125 km/h) so that he can throw more perfect games next season.

...2010 is the year of the tiger.  As such, Masataka Nashida wants Yu Darvish to be like a tiger on the mound next season.  But it's much more than that, Nashida wants Darvish to continue showing even more gusto on the mound because it helps get the rest of the team pumped.

Rakuten Eagles

...Katsuya Nomura is apparently a little befuddled as to why the team hasn't officially announced him as a honorary manager.

Softbank Hawks

...Nobuhiko Matsunaka recently returned from Guam and told reporters that he plans on returning to Guam in January to continue his rehab and training.  He still has some pain near the operation scars on his knees, but has managed to work his way back to where he can do some running.  Matsunaka plans on focusing on running and strength training before picking up a bat.

Matsunaka doesn't plan on swinging a bat until February.

Yakult Swallows

...Yoshinori Sato will be using the Masamune Date model glove next season.  Sato decided to name the glove after one of Sendai's most famous samurai and features a silhouette of Masamune Date stitched into the area near the wrist (a Sanspo report mentions the stitching as being on the area near his thumb).

A prototype of the new glove has already been submitted to Sato for testing.

Sato also made an appearance in front of about 100 people at a meeting for a support / fan group in Sendai.

Yokohama Bay Stars

...Hiroaki Ohnishi doesn't plan on taking any time off for New Year's celebrations.  Ohnishi wants to be fully prepared for Spring camp.

Yomiuri Giants

...Hayato Sakamoto told reporters that his goal was to reach 100 runs scored next season and that he wanted to become more like Ichiro Suzuki.