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Draft News and Notes: Yusei Kikuchi notes

by on Dec.21, 2009 @ 5:15 pm, under NPB

Seibu Lions

...Kimiyasu Kudo will be giving Yusei Kikuchi a copy of his soon to be publish book entitled, "How to live without limits 2009, a 46-year-old's season" (限界を作らない生き方 2009年、46歳のシーズン).  The book will be on store shelves on January 30th for 1,575 yen and published by Gentosha.

Kikuchi apparently spends about 20,000-30,000 yen on books a month (about 10 books).

...Kikuchi will officially begin training as a Lion on January 9th at Seibu Stadium II in Tokorozawa.  While Kikuchi is slated to start at Ichi-gun Spring camp, the Lions will likely use the early training sessions to see if he'll be actually be capable of participating.

The Lions are expecting a fairly large number of fans to show up to watch Kikuchi train.  Depending on the situation, they may expand fan seating out into the infield seats (they normally limit fans to the outfield seats).

Kikuchi is also set to move into the Wakajishi dorms a few days beforehand.