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Draft News and Notes: Hiroshi Hirao to keep his distance from Kikuchi

by on Dec.22, 2009 @ 9:19 pm, under NPB

Seibu Lions

...Hiroshi Hirao has offered to keep his distance away from Yusei Kikuchi, if it's what the team feels is best for Kikuchi.  Hirao is something of a free-spirit and the team may not want him rubbing off on Kikuchi.

...The Lions usually have rookies take part in cycling training at the Seibu Cycling Track during the off-season.  While there is some concern for a potential injury, the Lions will still have Kikuchi take part in the training because it helps strengthen the lower body and because they don't want to play favorites with any one player.

Yomiuri Giants

...Masato Kiyashiki is planning on turning to Noriyoshi Ohmichi for advice and help.  Kiyashiki would like to have a career as long as Ohmichi's.

Kiyashiki became the first 5-year technical high school student to be selected in the draft after the qualification rules were modified to allow them in this year.  As such, Kiyashiki is also on a mission to show that players from 5-year technical high schools are worth a draft pick.


Other minor news and notes for the 2010 draft...

...The Swallows are planning on offering Yuki Saito the uniform number 1 if they manage to nab him in the 2010 draft.  The Chiba Lotte Marines are thinking about offering him the number 18.

...The Hawks usually like to draft players that are from the Fukuoka area.  As such, they have their eyes on Tatsuya Ohishi.  Ohishi could become the first Waseda University player the Hawks draft since 2002 when they were Daiei and drafted Tsuyoshi Wada.

...The Hanshin Tigers are also interested in Ohishi and are not only thinking about sending scouts to watch him when practice session start in 1/5, but also to the US when Waseda heads off to the US in February for training camp.


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    Ohnishi? Kiyashike?

    And btw, you already mentioned that Kanuma would be Toyo captain over 2 weeks ago. I even commented to that entry :P

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