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Draft News and Notes: Swallows to put full court press on Yuki Saito

by on Dec.28, 2009 @ 1:50 pm, under College, High School, NPB

Chiba Lotte Marines

...The Marines will have Chiba-born, 4th round draft pick, Ikuhiro Kiyota at their First sale!  First throw!  2010!! event on January 2nd.  It'll be the first time a newly drafted player takes part in the event.

The Marines are hoping to get a head-start in building-up Kiyota's name with its fans.

2010 Draft

...The Swallows will be sending a number of scouts to watch Yuki Saito pitch next season, including chief scout Susumu Watanabe and chief domestic scout Akimitsu Ito.  They want to be fully prepared to help him if / when they manage to draft him.  The team is also said to be preparing the number 1 and number 18 for him.

...Tatsuya Ohishi has no interest in the Majors.  Or at least no interest in going to the Majors right away.

I don't really have much interest.  It would be nice to face MLB players, but I don't really have any desire to actually go there...  I want to play in the NPB.

Ohishi has two things he'd like to work on next season: working on the accuracy of his off-speed pitches and working on gaining more experience as a starter.

...Hirokazu Sawamura hopes to hit 160km/h on the radar gun next season -- he hit 156 back on 9/5 against Aoyama Gakuin.

Sawamura is also working on adding a curve to his arsenal, in addition to his fastball, slider, and fork.

...PL Gakuen's Daiki Yoshikawa and Koki Kanno will likely be working on to new positions for next season.  Yoshikawa will likely be moving over to short from center and Kanno will likly be shifting to left from first.

...A lot of scouts will likely be taking a long look at Tokaidai Sagami's Shinta Hifumi next year.

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  1. Edwin

    I wondered if Hifumi would garner a lot of attention, and it sure looks like he has. I haven’t gotten a chance to see him yet, so I’ll be paying attention when I get to see the delayed footage online at senbatsu.

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