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Yuichi Suzuki will return to Tokyo University for another year

by on Dec.30, 2009 @ 1:14 am, under College

Yuichi Suzuki will be returning to Tokyo University for another year.

Suzuki injured his left elbow back in April and has been rehabbing it ever since.  While his reasons for returning to Tokyo University aren't necessarily baseball related (he said he wanted to return for a chance to think about things other than baseball), he likely won't quit playing and will re-join the team once his elbow is feeling better.


One comment on “Yuichi Suzuki will return to Tokyo University for another year

  1. Deanna

    Eh? But is he still ALLOWED to play baseball if he’s there for a 5th year?

    I was actually a huge Suzuki-kun fan (yes, seriously) and was pretty disappointed he didn’t make it out to the mound again this year (I was there for his final game, inadvertantly, too). It’d be nice to see him pitch again though.

    But really, I think it wasn’t so much that one game in April so much as Todai pretty much having him pitch almost every game last year. They seriously had him throw something like 500 pitches in a weekend against Hosei last fall, including a 12-inning complete-game tie where he and Kagami threw 188 and 180 pitches respectively. It’s no wonder Kagami-kun also blew out his arm after that semester. Sigh.

    Hmm, looks like Todai reassigned #17 to Hiraizumi-kun, anyway… though that’s not a big deal. Iwasaki-kun also moved to #7, so it’s not like moving a number is that big a deal there.

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