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2010 Pro Yakyu OB All-Star Athlete Cup Results

by on Jan.03, 2010 @ 3:25 pm, under Other

21,121 fans showed up at Tokyo Dome to watch the 2010 Pro Yakyu OB All-Star Athlete Cup on Saturday.  Prior to the game, fans also had a chance to watch a game featuring two Koshien teams from 1961: Namisho High School (Osaka) and Hosei University Daini High School (Kanagawa).

Hosei ended up beating Namisho, 9-2.

As for the Pro Yakyu OB All-Star Athlete Cup, the Pacific League beat the Central League, 7-2.  52-year-old Kazunori Yamamoto (Kintetsu Buffaloes, Nankai / Daiei Hawks), was selected as the MVP of the game after going 3-for-4 with 2 RBIs.  Murata Choji was winning pitcher on record and Akio Saito took the loss.

Final Scoreboard

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R
Central 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 2
Pacific 1 0 0 0 5 1 0 0 x 7

Other notable performances:

61-year-old Hisashi Yamada (Hakyu Braves) was the Pacific League manager but was also the starting pitcher.  He managed to hit 102 km/h on his first pitch of the game.

60-year-old Choji Murata (Tokyo / Lotte Orions) tossed an inning and gave up a run on three hits.  He also managed to hit 132 km/h.

Other information:

Here is a list of pitchers that appeared in the game, according to Isumi Marines (いすみマリーンズ):

Central League - Hideyuki Awano (1 IP), Kazuhiko Endo (1 IP), Akira Ohkawa (1 IP), Yoshihiro Nakada (1 IP), Akio Saito (1 IP), Hiroshi Masumoto (1 IP), Kiyoshi Hashimoto (.1 IP), Hiroshi Ishige (.2 IP), and Yukinaga Maeda (1 IP)

Pacific League - Hisashi Yamada (.1 IP), Tetsuhiro Nonaka (.2 IP), Hirofumi Kono (1 IP), Hirohisa Matsnuma (1 IP), Shigeki Sano (1 IP), Choji Murata (1 IP), Shintaro Yamasaki (1 IP), Yukio Ozaki (.1 IP), Tatsumi Murata (.2 IP), and Tsutomu Iwamoto (2 IP).

Bassen Blog (バッセン☆ブログ) has some nice shots from the game.  They also have an image with the starting line-ups, which I've provided below:

Pacific League

Pos Name
SS Ishige, Hiromichi
2B Motonishi, Atsuhiro
3B Matsunaga, Hiromi
C Yoshinaga, Koichiro
CF Murakami, Takayuki
1B Fujimoto, Hiroshi
DH Yamamoto, Kazunori
LF Takahashi, Satoshi
RF Ohtsuka, Koji

Central League

Pos Name
RF Wakamatsu, Tsutomu?
SS Takahashi, Masahiro
3B Suzuki, Ken
1B Komada, Norihiro
2B Fukui, Keiji
CF Yashiki, Kaname
LF Goto, Koji
C Sugiyama, Naoki
DH Kawato, Kozo

2 comments on “2010 Pro Yakyu OB All-Star Athlete Cup Results

  1. Deanna

    I hear that some English-speaking blogger also went to the game and posted a bunch of Choji Murata photos that she took and her entire scorecard in English. Of course, I suppose if you read that, you’d have to translate it into Japanese.

    Also, Hisashi Yamada threw one damn pitch to Wakamatsu. One pitch, that yes, was 102 km/h. Wakamatsu grounded it to third, and Yamada left the mound. At least Choji Murata, who is the MAN, bothered pitching an entire inning, though actually, he gave up the first run of the game that the Central League guys scored. It was only because the Pacific League totally shelled Akio Saitoh immediately afterward that he got the win.

    The Ozaki-Shibata rivalry reared its head again in the 7th inning, too.

    1. Gen Post author

      If you think I’m ignoring your blog, you’re highly mistaken. I just haven’t had the time to check it. And when I did the search for more info on the games, it was done in Japanese.

      To be honest, it never even occurred to me that you may have even gone. I just figured you had already headed back to the States.

      For future reference, if there’s a blog post you’ve made that you feel would benefit the readers here, just drop me an e-mail and I’ll be sure to include it with the updates.

      Incidentally, that goes for anyone else that lurks around here.

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