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Tempe making upgrades to Diablo Stadium for Matsui?

by on Jan.09, 2010 @ 4:15 pm, under MLB

According to Sponchi, Diablo Stadium is undergoing $500,000 worth of stadium renovations all because of Hideki Matsui.  And it seems Tempe is footing the entire bill.

"We hear there are some question marks surrounding Matsui's knees.  We'd like to try and get this field into great shape for him.  We're taking good care of the grass so that it'll be in good shape to run on", said Jerry Hall, Stadium Manager.

Tempe has apparently figured out that Matsui will bring a nice boost to their economy, therefore making it worth their while to upgrade the stadium.


Looks like Koji Uehara also wants an AB against Ichiro as well.

He jokingly asked reporters, "I wonder if facing me would be enough?"

Seems Uehara seriously wants to pick up at least one hit in the Majors.  In 2 ABs last season, he struck out and flied out to right.

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