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Around the NPB Horn: Atsunori Inaba disappointed in Sho Nakata

by on Jan.11, 2010 @ 1:43 pm, under NPB

Chiba Lotte Marines

...Yuki Karakawa spoke at a blood drive on Sunday in Inzai City, Chiba that was geared towards young adults that recently turned 20.  He told fans attending the drive that he hopes to become a pitcher that can consistently hit 140km/h+ on the radar gun.

Hanshin Tigers

...Yuya Nohara plans on working on how to walk / run "properly" in order to help him improve his batting power and running speed.  He'll be working out for about 10 days with a trainer he's known since his Toyama Thunderbirds (BC League) days.

...Tigers' Ni-gun manager Katsuo Hirata is thinking about trying to schedule a practice game against a team in the KBO even before they end up playing practice games against the Ichi-gun roster.  Hirata believes that playing practice games against other teams is better because you play against a team with a completely different uniform.  It's an entirely different experience than playing against the Ichi-gun roster.

...Kenji Johjima threw about 40 pitches off a mound on Sunday.  He will apparently be pitching against a rubber baseball league team on Monday.

Nippon Ham Fighters

...Masao Kida told about 100 fans on Sunday that he wants to be prepared to throw 150km/h at any time.  Kida topped out in the mid-140s last season after making changes to his delivery.

He also said that he has no intention of playing the role of a coach and will focus on being a pitcher first.

...Atsunori Inaba is apparently disappointed in Sho Nakata's choice of hair cut.

"I was really disappointed [about seeing Nakata with that haircut].  We need him mature a bit more...  I wonder if I have to step in."

Rakuten Eagles

...Masahiro Tanaka worked out at the indoor training facilities at Kleneex Stadium on Sunday for the first time this year.  His 4-hour workout included weight training and playing catch at a distance of about 40 meters.

...Hisashi Iwakuma told reporters on Sunday, before getting on his flight to Guam, that he was currently at about 20% and that he hoped to hit 50% in Guam.  He also told reporters that new manager Marty Brown seemed friendly and easier to approach.

Seibu Lions

...Kimiyasu Kudo told reporters on Sunday that he would like to appear in more games this year, than he did last year (46).

Yakult Swallows

...Ryohei Kawamoto, along with Masahiro Yoshikawa and Kosuke Matsui, left for Sidney, Australia on Sunday to continue training.  Kawamoto is currently trying to lose some weight so that he can be a little quicker on his feet.

Yokohama Bay Stars

...Yataro Sakamoto worked out with kick-boxer Tomonori on Sunday.  He's getting some advice on how to strengthen his trunk muscles and hip joints.

...Someone stole all four tires and wheels on Takahiro Saeki's car on Thursday morning.  The car was parked in a parking lot in Osaka and security footage reveals two men that might be responsible for the theft.

This is actually marks the second time someone has stolen tires off Saeki's car.

...Takao Obana plans on staying at a hotel for 6 days, beginning on the 14th, so that he can do some training of his own.  He plans on running and playing some catch in order to build up his stamina.  Obana wants to be in shape for his first year as manager of the Bay Stars.

He told reporters that he also might take the mound for BP during Spring camp.

Yomiuri Giants

...Hayato Sakamoto closed out his domestic training on Sunday.  He will now head to Guam with Shinnosuke Abe to continue his training.

...Michihiro Ogasawara worked out for about 5 hours on Sunday.  His training started at about 10am in the morning and included weight lifting, running, playing catch, and soft toss batting practice.  He worked right through lunch.

...Yoshinobu Takahashi told reporters after his training session on Sunday that he feels he can probably practice along side the rest of the team without too much problem.  Takahashi apparently looked a lot more confident than when he told reporters on the 6th that he was only at about 50-60%.

...When Tatsunori Hara was asked about Edgar Gonzalez, he said that he considered him a player with potential and that he could hit 5th or 6th in the line-up.