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Around the NPB Horn: Alex Cabrera will be late to report again this year

by on Jan.16, 2010 @ 3:16 pm, under NPB

Chiba Lotte Marines

...Tomoya Satozaki wants to win the Battery Award in 2010.

Chunichi Dragons

...Tomoaki Kanemoto's advice to Ryota Arai:

Hitting the ball is important, but so is practice swinging.  Make sure you use your lower body as you pivot around with your swing.

Hanshin Tigers

...Some more info on the cedar-stick burning ritual Takahiro Arai attended on Friday (for those interested): flames shot up to about 3m; it last an hour and 40 minutes; 3,000 cedar sticks were burned; temps reached about 500 degrees.

...Takahiro Shoda was at the same Buddhist rite on Friday as Arai.  This was his second consecutive year of attending the Buddhist rite.

...For the time being, it seems Kazuhito Futagami, Masanori Fujihara, Yuhei Kai, and Shunsuke Fujikawa will be working out with the Ichi-gun roster during Spring camp.

...The following uniform number changes were announced on Friday:

Daiyu Kanemura 61 > 117
Yutaka Tamaki 62 > 118
Yusuke Takahashi 58 > 121
Hisanori Nishitani - 127 (new addition)

Katsuhiko Kido 91 > 70
Mitsuo Tateishi 88 > 98
Shoji Tohyama 75 > 95
So Tsutsui 79 > 96

...Akinobu Mayumi thinks young players need to work on building up their bodies early during the off-season in order to be fully ready for spring camp and that they're focus should be on playing in as many practice games and exhibition games in order to win a starting position.

Hiroshima Carp

...The Carp will be working on a number of events this year with flailing airline company JAL.  The Carp will also likely try to use JAL as their carrier whenever they can.

Nippon Ham Fighters

...The Fighters are thinking about offering Saikon Seats (再婚シート) this season.  Saikon means to re-marry in Japanese.  Therefore, the seats will be open to people who have gone through a divorce and are looking for find a new partner.

...The Fighters are checking out their Spring camp stadium, Nago Municipal Baseball Stadium, in order to make sure there aren't any problems with it.  Nago Stadium is fairly old and the Fighters have experienced problems at the stadium in the past (it is likely the worst of the stadiums the 12 NPB teams use during Spring camp).

...Dai-Kang Yang (Yoh), and Sho Nakata are listed as infielders in the registry, but both will be working out in the outfield this year.

Orix Buffaloes

...The Buffaloes found out on Friday that Alex Cabrera won't be joining the team until the middle of Spring camp.  The team was hoping that he'd arrive sooner.

This wouldn't be anything new for Cabrera though.  In his 9 seasons in Japan, he's only made it to camp on time once -- his first year back in 2001 when he was with the Seibu Lions.  Ever since then, he's been arriving in mid to late-February.

Rakuten Eagles

...For the first time in club history, the Eagles will be returning to Sendai once on February 28th.

In past years, the team wouldn't return to Sendai until after Spring camp and all their exhibition games were played out (in other words, not until about mid-March).

Seibu Lions

...Yasuyuki Kataoka opened up his training to the media on Saturday and told reporters that he would like to try and steal at least 60 bases this year.

Softbank Hawks

...Bum-Ho Lee arrived in Japan on Friday with his fiance Yun-Mi Kim (the two are planning on getting married after the 2010 season).

It also seems Lee is 100% set on playing third and even told the media in Korea that he would consider returning if he ended up playing a lot of games at first.

...Nobuhiro Matsuda brought his wife (Eri Shibata) along with him to his training in Guam.  Nobuhiko Matsunaka apparently told him to.

Yakult Swallows

...Yuhei Takai received some 1-on-1 advice from Tatsuro Hirooka on Friday.  Hirooka decided to drop by and see Takai after he heard that Takai was using one of his books (私の海軍式野球) as a learning tool.

...Kyohei Muranaka held his first bullpen session of the off-season on Friday.  He threw 30 pitchers to a catcher that was standing up.  Muranaka managed gained about 4kg via weight training during his off-season workouts.  He'll know focus on improving his stamina.

...Tatsunori Hara is hoping Taishi Ohta will be ready to start at third and bat 8th in the order.

Yokohama Bay Stars

...Takao Obana wants all his young pitchers to throw as much as they can during Spring camp -- an "unlimited throwing schedule" if you will.  Obana apparently feels that young pitchers need to throw a lot in order to get a better feel for throwing and that pitch limits should only be used by veteran pitchers that already have a good feel for throwing.  He also said that pitchers can't improve their stamina unless they throw a lot, likening long distance runners and short distance runners to starters and relievers.

Yomiuri Giants

...Hayato Sakamoto told reporters that he plans to cook his own food this year.

He still hasn't had a chance to try his hand at cooking yet, but has already gotten a hold of all the utensils he'll need.  At this point, it seems he wants to be able to at least make his own breakfast and lunch.

...It seems Shun Tono managed to gain about 8kg during the off-season so far (less rice, more vegetables).  But he's already lost about 2kg of that with his training in Guam.