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Around the NPB Horn: Norichika Aoki Press Conference Today

by on Jan.18, 2010 @ 11:47 am, under NPB

Chunichi Dragons

...The Dragons will be donating some money in support of rescue and relief efforts in Haiti.

While the team doesn't have any players from Haiti, they do have some players from the other side of the island (the Dominican Republic).

...Akinobu Shimizu dropped by Nagoya Stadium on Sunday to attend his first day of joint mini camp.  Up until Sunday, Shimizu had been working out at World Wing.

Hanshin Tigers

...Wei-Chu Lin attended a event at a hotel in Osaka in his name on Sunday.  Organizers of the event also had a birthday cake ready for Lin -- his birthday is on the 22nd.

Lin told everyone at the event that this was going to be his year, not only because he would be wearing his age on his back (he'll be turning 31 and his uniform number is 31), but also because it was the year of the Tiger.

...Keiji Uezono worked out at Naruohama on Sunday.  He held a bullpen session and threw about 30 pitches (with some curves mixed in).  Uezono had already held a number of bullpen sessions since the start of the New Year.

...Naohisa Sugiyama held his first bullpen session of the year at Naruohama on Sunday.  He told reporters that he was working on making a few minor adjustments to his delivery (something he has been working on since Fall camp).

...Tomoyuki Kubota and Naoto Tsuru held a light bullpen sessions on Sunday (Kubota tossed about 10 pitches).  The two are currently working out in Okinawa (Kubota since the 9th).

...Kodai Sakurai opened up his training to reporters on Sunday.  Sakurai has been working out with pro-golfer, and fellow PL Gakuen graduate, Sho Aoyama.  Aoyama suggested to Sakurai that he might have an easier time breaking down his swing if he was photographed using a high-speed camera that golfers normally use in order to breakdown their golf swings.

Images he took a couple days ago arrived on Sunday.

...Tomoaki Kanemoto was a special guest at an event called Anti-aging Special 2010.  Speaking at the event, Kanemoto said that with all the training he has done so far, he's ready for the season to start right away.

Kanemoto's stress levels were also revealed during the talk event.  Assuming the average cortisol level is 100, his came in as follows (averaged over a three year period):

during the off-season - 88
during Spring camp - 106
during the season - 87

His blood vessels are also in great shape (apparently as healthy as someone in their 20s).

Kanemoto is just 26 games away from appearing in his 1,500th consecutive full game.

...Ichi-gun battery coach Yasuo Yoshida dropped by the Koshien clubhouse on Sunday and told reporters that he's currently thinking about having Keisuke Kano compete as a catcher.

Hiroshima Carp

...Kenta Kurihara is back from Arizona and was already seen at Ohno Stadium on Sunday going over things he learned in the States.

...Kenta Maeda is planning on working out at least 6-7 hours a day beginning on the 19th.

Rakuten Eagles

...Batting coach Hideo Furuya told reporters that he could easily see Teppei batting fourth because of his batting skills.  He doesn't have a lot of power, but he gets his fair share of hits.

Softbank Hawks

...Yuichi Honda is currently working out in Saipan.  His theme for 2010 is shortening his swing in the hopes that it'll allow him to get more hits.

Honda's personal stat goals for 2010: lead the league in stolen bases, OBP, and hits.

Yakult Swallows

...The Swallows will hold a press conference for Norichika Aoki today to officially introduce him to the media with his new uniform number (he was re-assigned the number 1).

...Tsubakuro hung out at Tokyo Tower for about 3 hours and met with about 500 fans.