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CL and NPB hold meetings, Giants to give-up on getting Sirius registered with JABA this season

by on Jan.19, 2010 @ 11:44 pm, under NPB

The Central League held a board of directors meeting on Tuesday.

- They decided that the first round of the Climax Series will continue to be a best of three series.  There was some talk of making some changes to the first round, expanding it out to 5 games, but an agreement could not be reached.

- They went over final details on using replays on close home run calls this year and will put the new rules into writing.

The Pacific League has a board of directors meeting scheduled for February 10th.


The NPB held an executive committee meeting on Tuesday.

- They could not decide on whether or not to send younger players to the Asia Games in November.  More discussions will take place during a four-team sub-committee meeting on 2/3.

- They appear to be leaning towards sending players to the Intercontinental Cup in October.

- They decided the pros vs College All-Stars game will take place at Tokyo Dome on 7/26.

- In 2009, teams had 3m 15s to replace pitchers in-between innings.  They will try decreasing the allowed time to 2m 45s during exhibition play this year to see if it can't be improved.

- Commissioner Ryozo Kato has been trying to get teams to stick to one ball manufacturer.  He re-introduced the idea during the meeting on Tuesday.  This season, balls from four different companies will be used across the 12 NPB teams.  The NPB appears to be concerned about breaking antitrust laws by selecting just one company.  The NPB will do some more research into what it would take and what could potentially happen if they went with just one company.


Giants' rep Hidetoshi Kiyotake told reporters that they will give-up on trying to get Sirius (a team that will be full of Ikusei players from a number of different NPB teams) registered with the Japan Amateur Baseball Association this season.  This means Sirius won't be able to compete at any of the big tournaments this season.  They will, however, be able to participate in some of the smaller regional tournaments.

=== UPDATE 1/20/2010 10:46pm JST

A little more information on a possible move to having baseballs manufactured by one company:

- As mentioned above, there are four companies that manufacture baseballs for NPB teams right now.  They are Mizuno, Zett, ASICS, and Kubota.

- If there is a move to go with one baseball, the NPB will likely ask Mizuno to be the official manufacturer.

- Over the course of one season, the 12 NPB teams (both Ichi-gun and Ni-gun) go through about 288,000 balls.

- That the baseball also be closer to what is currently used at the WBC and manufactured by Rawlings.