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Hideki Irabu announces his retirement

by on Jan.19, 2010 @ 9:43 am, under Other

It appears Hideki Irabu will be hanging up his cleats once again.

After getting two opinions from doctors on his right wrist, Irabu went to a third doctor (Dr. Jobe) for another opinion and was told that he basically had two options: surgery to remove the inflammation, or rehabilitation, which would have no time-line.

Rehab was recommended.

But Irabu didn't want to go the rehab route because there would be too many question marks.  And surgery as an option also didn't appeal to Irabu because it could cause future problems.

In the end, it seems Irabu conceded to the fact that old age was catching up to him and that retirement was his only option.

This officially ends Irabu's second comeback.