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Robert Whiting: Clandestine campaign led to Valentine’s demise

by on Jan.19, 2010 @ 3:19 pm, under NPB

Robert Whiting is writing what I think is a four-part series on Bobby Valentine's tenure in Japan.  The first part was posted today at the Japan Times website.

Clandestine campaign led to Valentine's demise

It was just about the time that Chiba Lotte Marines acting owner Akio Shigemitsu declared that Bobby Valentine could run his team "for life" that things began to go sour. Until then, the former Texas Rangers and New York Mets manager had been riding a wave of success that many commentators on Japanese baseball had thought impossible for a gaijin kantoku to attain.

It's a great read so I highly recommend everyone who hasn't read it yet, to do so now.

As with most everything Mr. Whiting has written, it's top-notch material.