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Just how powerful is Takahiro Okada?

by on Jan.20, 2010 @ 12:36 am, under NPB

I was just watching FujiTV Sport and they mentioned that Akinobu Okada actually took out a home run insurance plan on Takahiro Okada (T-Okada) back in December.  A Daily Sports Online article posted on 12/16/2009 confirms this fact.

Now why was that necessary?

T-Okada had hit a few balls out of the Secondary Skymark Stadium during practice and that got Okada worried about the possibility of an accident.

The insurance plan they signed will pay-out up to 100M yen for any incident that involves a home run hit by T-Okada causing an accident out past the outfield walls of Skymark Stadium.  No word on the premium the club is paying in order to get the coverage.