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Around the NPB Horn: Hawks to place game limits on Settsu and Falkenborg?

by on Jan.22, 2010 @ 5:30 pm, under NPB

Hanshin Tigers

...Naohisa Sugiyama will likely start the year at Ichi-gun Spring camp.  Sugiyama has his sights set on winning a spot in the rotation this season.  To that end, he's been pushing himself harder this off-season, tossing his first bullpen session on the 17th, about a week earlier than he usual.  Sugiyama is also working on picking up a new off-speed pitch, something he can turn to "when he's in trouble."

...It seems the Tigers have agreed to terms with Kyuji Fujikawa on Friday but won't be getting the paperwork done until Spring camp.  This means Fujikawa won't have to worry about paying for camp expenses out of his own pocket.

Nippon Ham Fighters

...Takeharu Kato held a bullpen session at the indoor training facilities in Kamagaya.  He tossed 32 pitches and mixed in some sliders and sinkers.  Kato apparently threw at about 50%.

Rakuten Eagles

...Kazuo Fukumori, Kanehisa Arime, and Shinichiro Koyama will be joining forces to create a relief fund.  They will put 10,000 yen towards their relief fund for each game they appear this season.  At the end of the season they will donate the entire amount to children living in Sendai.

Seibu Lions

...Fumiya Nishiguchi had been working out in Okinawa until the 20th.  On Friday, he spent his day training at Seibu 2 Stadium and played catch at a distance of about 70 meters.

Softbank Hawks

...The Hawks may be thinking about placing appearance limits on Tadashi Settsu and Brian Falkenborg.  It seems they will try not to make either pitcher appear in more than two back-to-back games.  The Hawks will be especially careful with Settsu -- he made 70 appearances last season and the last thing the team wants to do is see Settsu get injured from overworking.  Last season, Settsu pitch in three consecutive games 3 times and two consecutives games 11 times.  With Falkenborg, it has more to do with how his elbow is feeling.

...Keisuke Katto held a bullpen session on Thursday and tossed about 100 pitches.  He's trying to make sure that he's fully ready for Spring camp.

...The Hawks may ask Sadaharu Oh to do some scouting work for the team in the States depending on how things go during the first week of Spring camp.

The team is also thinking about re-establishing their connection to the Dominican Republic by sending someone over there.

Yokohama Bay Stars

...Hayato Terahara tossed a 30-pitch bullpen session on Friday.  He told reporters that he wasn't entirely satisfied with his session, noting that his balance was off and that he wasn't using his lower body enough.

Yomiuri Giants

...Ryuichi Kajimae contacted police at 6am on Friday when he found the window of his car broken and a golf bag and some bats missing from within (worth an estimated 300,000 yen).

...Shugo Fujii held a bullpen session on Friday at the Giants' training facilities in Kawasaki after doing some running.  He threw about 50 pitches to Kazunari Tsuruoka.