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Umps to reverse how they say signal balls and strikes

by on Jan.25, 2010 @ 10:18 pm, under NPB

If you follow Japanese baseball, then you likely know that the umps signal balls and strikes as, for example, "2 strikes, 3 balls," instead of "3 balls, 2 strikes."

Well, it seems that the umps will now take a more international approach and start reversing the way they signal balls and strikes.

The new change will go into effect with the start of the exhibition game schedule during Spring camp.

Of course, this probably won't make much of a difference for the viewer, as most stadiums and game broadcasts likely won't change their formats.

At least not this year.

And perhaps not ever.

Incidentally, high school umps have been signaling balls first since 1997.  Both the Amateur and Industrial League umps signal strikes first.

=== UPDATE 1/27/2010 10:52am JST

There's a possibility that the scoreboard at Koshien Stadium could be updated to reflect the new way umps will be signaling balls and strikes.

And it seems the Japan Amateur Baseball Association is will be adopting the same rules as the NPB umps.