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Around the NPB Horn: Morillo, Brown, Messengers, and Fossum arrive in Japan

by on Jan.28, 2010 @ 12:10 am, under NPB

Chunichi Dragons

...The Dragons announced on Wednesday that tickets to exhibition games played at the Nagoya Dome will go on sale beginning 2/13.  Regular season tickets will go on sale beginning 2/27.

Hanshin Tigers

...Joint mini camp began in Okinawa on Wednesday.  18 players, including Kodai Sakurai and Atsushi Noumi worked out for about 4 hours on the first day of mini camp.

Noumi tossed a 12-pitch bullpen session with the catcher squatting.

...Randy Messenger and Casey Fossum arrived in Japan on Wednesday.

Hiroshima Carp

...Takahiro Aoki held his third bullpen session in as many days on Wednesday and tossed 66 pitches.  Over the three days, Aoki threw a total 188 pitches.

Orix Buffaloes

...The first day of joint mini camp on Wednesday lasted about 4 hours.

So Taguchi continued his training with some weight lifting and told reporters that he enjoyed playing the warmer weather and that his body was feeling great.

...Akinobu Okada will be appearing in some Orix ads about their car sharing service.  The ads will go up beginning on the 31st on the Midosuji train line in Osaka.

Rakuten Eagles

...Takeshi Yamasaki dropped by Kleenex Stadium with a suntan and about 5kg lighter (from 111kg to 106kg).  It marked the first time Yamasaki worked out at Kleenex Stadium this year -- he had been working out in Hawaii with Chicago Cub Kosuke Fukudome.

Yamasaki told reporters that he did a lot of walking and running (more than 20km a day) to help shed the weight.

...Juan Morillo arrived in Japan on Wednesday.  He missed a connecting flight out of Tokyo to Sendai and had to use other modes of transportation.  Morillo's total trip ended up taking 29 hours.

The Eagles will hold a press conference for him on Thursday.

Seibu Lions

...Dee Brown arrived in Japan on Wednesday.

Brown apparently spoke to former teammate Mac Suzuki for information about Japan.

Softbank Hawks

...Tadashi Settsu, Takahiro Mahara, and Yasushi Kamiuchi closed out their training in Kumamoto and returned to Saitozaki on Wednesday to continue their training.

Yokohama Bay Stars

...Yataro Sakamoto worked out in Yokosuka on Wednesday.  Sakamoto kept his training light because his body was tight after holding a bullpen session in which he threw about 150 pitches.

Sakamoto will be changing his name in the player registry to Yataro.

...Yi-Zheng Wang has been working on polishing his secondary pitches (slider and change) and is also looking to add another.

Yomiuri Giants

...Joint mini camp in Miyazaki began on Wendesday (1/27) with 34 players reporting in.

Tetsuya Yamaguchi, Shugo Fujii, Tetsuya Utsumi, and three other pitchers held bullpen sessions and fielders took indoor BP.

Utsumi tossed 27 pitches, including some off-speed pitches, during his bullpen session.

...A number of younger players, including Daisuke Nakai, Daijiro Tanaka, Tomoya Inzen, and Toru Murata (from a previous post) worked out at Giants Stadium in Kawasaki City.  Their workouts included playing catch, taking grounders, and indoor BP.