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Hanshin Tigers: Johjima to spend first session in the bullpen

by on Feb.01, 2010 @ 2:25 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== UPDATE 9:46pm JST

...Akinobu Mayumi appeared satisfied with how his team fared during the first day of Spring camp.  He told reporters he thought the players had their game faces on and took their practices seriously.  Mayumi added that working out indoors allowed him to get a better look at players practicing.

...Both Kazuhito Futagami and Masanori Fujihara threw about 50 pitches during their respective bullpen sessions on Monday.

...Norihiro Akahoshi dropped by Tigers' camp as part of his new job as baseball analyst.

=== UPDATE 2/1/2010 2:25pm JST

...The first day of camp began with opening ceremonies at the Ginoza indoor training facilities.

...The team will take things slowly with Tomoaki Kanemoto.  They plan on sitting down and talking to him after the first day of Spring camp to see if there are things on the training menu he can't do.

...Matt Murton and Randy Messenger worked out at Ginoza Dome on Sunday.  The two played catch at distances of about 60 meter.  Messenger also tossed about 16 pitches, including his curve, slider, and change, with Murton acting as his catcher.  Murton also took some BP -- 48 with a training bat off a batting tee and 26 against a live arm.

They worked out for about 2 and a half hours.

...Kenji Johjima plans on spending as much time as he can in the bullpen during the first session of Spring camp.  He wants to try and catch as many pitchers as possible.  Johjima met with the entire team for pretty much the first time during Sunday's team meeting.

...Satoru Kanemura is currently working on a change-up.  He threw two of them during a bullpen session on Sunday and told reporters that he's still just messing around with it and doesn't know if he'll be able to actually use it.

...Yuya Nohara told reporters on Sunday that he wants to push himself to the limits during Spring camp.  Nohara manged to add about 2kg to his frame while keeping his fat content to about 10%.

...The Tigers held a team meeting on Sunday.  Akinobu Mayumi told his players that he wanted everyone working out together as a team and avoid training on their own as much as possible.

...The Tigers managed to sign both Yasutomo Kubo and Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi to contracts on Sunday.

...Ni-gun manager Katsuo Hirata told reporters that Ni-gun Spring camp will begin at 9:30am, 30 minutes earlier than usual.

...Yuhei Kai borrowed Kenichi Tagami's electric clippers and shaved down his hair.  Kai not only wants to show how serious he is about playing, but also wants to show that he hasn't forget about missing a few days of training during rookie mini camp because he hurt his left hamstring.

...Kazuhito Futagami and Masanori Fujihara worked out for about an hour and a half on Sunday.  Their training included running and taking grounders.