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Nippon Ham Fighters: Darvish holds 45-pitch bullpen session on the first day of Spring camp

by on Feb.01, 2010 @ 2:49 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== UPDATE 11:44pm JST

...Sho Nakata stayed back for about 30 minutes after general practice ended on Monday to work on his defense in the outfield.

=== UPDATE 2/1/2010 2:49pm JST

...Spring training began with indoor training due to the rain.  After a speed by club president Junichi Fujii, pitchers hit the bullpen and fielders worked out in the indoor training facilities.

...Yu Darvish held a bullpen session on the first day of Spring camp on Monday.  He threw 45 pitches with the catcher squatting.  He told reporters that he was ahead of schedule.

...Hichori Morimoto celebrated his 29th birthday on January 31st.  The press presented Morimoto with a cake.

Morimoto told reporters to watch out for him on the first day of camp because he was preparing some sort of a surprise.

...Buddy Carlyle told reporters during his press conference on Sunday that he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year and that he has it under control now.  The club, of course, knew about this.

...The Fighters held a press conference for Bobby Keppel on Sunday.  At the press conference, Keppel told reporters that he wants to use his sinker to become the king of the grounders (ゴロキング).  He also said he wants to get a lot of double plays.  Masataka Nashida, who was also present, quickly quipped that that wouldn't be good because it would mean he was allowing base-runners.

...Nashida is thinking of using both Carlyle and Keppel in the rotation.

...Sho Nakata spent about 35 minutes in the batting cages taking 300 cuts after dinner on Sunday.

Incidentally, his room is right next to Darvish's at the hotel.  Darvish wants to help Nakata grow and even went out to Hiroshima to ask Tomoaki Kanemoto for advice on how to help him.

...Masayoshi Kato is the lone rookie at Ichi-gun camp.  He told reporters that it sort of reminded him of playing on the road.

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  1. EJH

    Nashida is maybe the worst manager since Nagashima (and certainly my least favorite), but I’ve got to admit that double play comment was pretty funny. And this will likely be the last nice thing I say about the man until he quits or is fired.

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