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Chiba Lotte Marines: Shunsuke moves up on the rubber

by on Feb.02, 2010 @ 9:00 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 2/3/2010 1:12am JST

...Yuta Ohmine held his second consecutive bullpen session in as many days on Tuesday and threw 122 pitches (second straight day of throwing over 100 pitches).  Ohmine is hoping to throw 2,000 pitches during Spring camp.

=== 9:54pm JST

...Norifumi Nishimura seemed pleased with the way morning workouts (with a start time a little after 7am) went on day 2 of Spring camp.  The morning walk on Monday didn't go very well, ending in just 30 seconds.  Tuesday was apparently much better with the walk lasting about 10 minutes.

...Tadahito Iguchi has been arriving at the stadium an hour before the rest of the team and staying back after general practice in order to get in extra work (weight training in the morning and extra BP after practice).  Seems he's trying to make up for his so-so season last year.

...Hiroyuki Kobayashi held his second consecutive bullpen in as many days on Tuesday.  He threw 109 pitches, all fastball.  Pitching coach Takashi Nishimoto also worked on helping Kobayashi keep his shoulder from flying open.

...Former rugby manager Yoshiharu Yamaguchi gave a lecture at the player's hotel on Tuesday after practice.  His basic message to the players was to continually work at improving the self and to take on new challenges in life.

=== 5:57pm JST

...The Marines added shouting training to their morning workouts (that includes the walk and exercises) on the second day of Spring camp.  Takashi Ogino was selected to start things off and shouted out that he wanted to talk to as many people on the team as possible and that he wanted to do his best.

...Norifumi Nishimura's assessment of Makoto Imaoka's first day of Spring camp:

I didn't see any problems with his fielding and throwing.  He also reminded me of how good a hitter he is [with his performance during BP].

=== 2/2/2010 9:00am JST

...Watanabe Shunsuke held a bullpen session on Monday and tossed 114 pitches.  Shunsuke has been working on where to stand on the rubber when he pitches during the off-season; he's apparently shifted forward about 15cm.  According to the description, his right foot now barely touches the right side of the rubber.

...Yasuhiko Yabuta tossed 77 pitches during his bullpen session on Monday.  The team is hoping Yabuta will be effective as a setup man for Hiroyuki Kobayashi.

...Makoto Imaoka took 66 swings of the bat and made contact with 46 pitches.  Sponichi claims that about 70% of them looked like they could be hits.

...Tae-Gyun Kim took 66 swings of the bat on Monday.

Reporters from three Korean media agencies were on hand to cover Kim.