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Chunichi Dragons: Ochiai to Araki and Ibata – convert or else

by on Feb.02, 2010 @ 10:48 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 10:49pm JST

...Kazuki Yoshimi threw 42 pitches during batting practice on Tuesday -- he faced Yusuke Matsui and Tatsuro Iwasaki.  Yoshimi told reporters that he focused on his balance while pitching and was satisfied with his pitches.

Wei-Ying Chen also threw some BP, tossing about 50 pitches.  Chen focused on how he was using his lower body.

...Hitoki Iwase threw his second BP in as many days on Tuesday.  He tossed about 50 pitches and faced Dionys Cesar and Ryota Arai.  He told reporters he thought he pitched pretty well despite going on back-to-back days.

=== 6:01pm JST

...Eight players, including Kei Nomoto, Tetsuya Tani, and Ryota Arai, started their second day of Spring camp with early practice.

=== 2/2/2010 10:48pm JST

...Seems it'll be all or nothing for Masahiro Araki and his conversion over to short.  Hiromitsu Ochiai told reporters that if he wasn't ready by opening day, he would not be allowed to go back to second because he doesn't want to keep pushing Hirokazu Ibata at short and that he would find another player that could.

Although it should be noted that the comment was also probably directed at Ibata as well, even though most of the focus appears to be on Araki.

3 comments on “Chunichi Dragons: Ochiai to Araki and Ibata – convert or else

  1. Isaac

    Why does Ochiai keep pushing the Araki-Ibata switch?
    Not something you see very often.
    Is Ibata getting too old/slow?
    I know Ochiai wanted this last year and they switched back, never really saw any reasoning translated to english.

    1. Gen Post author

      If I’m not mistaken it has to do with Ibata’s arm and legs. And from what I’ve heard, it’s something that has actually been discussed for quite some time.

  2. Isaac

    That makes sense, looks like Ibata is turning 35 and still putting up good offensive numbers, BA and OBP.
    I can see why they would want to preserve that.
    Araki is more expendable, if he can’t cut it a SS.

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