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Seibu Lions: Kikuchi gets a smaller sized hat during his bullpen session

by on Feb.02, 2010 @ 6:54 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 8:54pm JST

...Yusei Kikuchi held his second bullpen session in as many days on Tuesday.  He threw 78 pitches while also working on his pick-off move.

...Hiroyuki Nakajima wants to get in as much fielding practice as he can during Spring camp and took part in early practice on Tuesday.  He told reporters that it's easy to practice hitting alone, but basically impossible to practice fielding alone.  Nakajima added that fielding can help strengthen the legs, which can in turn help with hitting.

...Dee Brown took outdoor BP on Tuesday and swung the bat 49 times against both left-handed and right-handed pitchers.  While he didn't hit any over the fence, he did apparently make good solid contact.

...After some fielding practice on Tuesday, Takeya Nakamura spent about 30 minutes taking outdoor soft toss BP.  One of the things he's currently working on using his lower body more when hitting.

=== 4:10pm JST

...Yusei Kikuchi took part in the early practice that began a little before 8am on Tuesday.  At the ballpark, he worked out with other players like Hideaki Wakui.

Kikuchi told reporters that he felt no tightness in his arm and that he felt great.

...Kimiyasu Kudo signed some autographs in between workouts on Tuesday.

...Seems some of the players are having some fun with Kudo and his age.  Brian Sikorski and Kudo were paired up to play catch on Tuesday.  As they expanded out and hit 50m, Sikorski shouted out, "Are you ok?" in Japanese.

Nikkan Sports also has another report on Kudo's entire day.

=== 8:07am JST

...Yusei Kikuchi apparently approached Brian Sikorski and asked him if he could teach him out to wind his shoulder up.

Sikorski said he would some other time, but that Kikuchi should be careful about copying him because he might dislocate his shoulder.

Kikuchi was also seen signing autographs for about 30 fans that gathered around the team bus after practice.

...In addition to the 86 pitches Kikuchi threw on Monday, he also threw 72 pitches with the catcher standing.

...Umpire Norihiro Akimura said he was impressed with Kikuchi and was a little startled when he started throwing hard all of a sudden.

=== 2/2/2010 6:54am JST

...Yusei Kikuchi was apparently wearing a hat, one size too big.  After throwing 62 of the 86 pitches during a bullpen session on Monday, Kikuchi got a new hat (59cm to 58cm).   There were also four umpires that stood behind home plate at one point, calling balls and strikes.  Kikuchi later told reporters that he felt only 20% of his pitches were considered good, up from 10% during the off-season.