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Hanshin Tigers: Murton hits a 150m bomb during BP on Tuesday

by on Feb.03, 2010 @ 6:42 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 2/4/2010 12:16am JST

...Kenji Johjima took some swings from the left-side in an off-speed pitch batting cage on Wednesday.  It was the first time he took batting practice in the cages during Spring camp.

He also caught Kazuya Tsutsui and Ken Nishimura on Wednesday.

...Matt Murton took 55 swings during BP on Wednesday and hit 16 over the fence.  Seems most of the coaches and scouts were expecting a batter that hits for average and not so much with power.

=== 8:50pm JST

...Ikketsu Sho informed the team on Tuesday night that he wasn't feeling well and was taken to the hospital on Wendesday morning.  He was later diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis and sent back to the hotel.  He's currently listed as day-to-day.

...Kazuhito Futagami tossed 4 sliders and 4 curves during his bullpen session on Tuesday.

=== 1:11pm JST

...Tatsuya Kojima is working his way back from left knee surgery he had back in October last year.  He tossed his second bullpen in as many days on Tuesday and threw 50 pitches (including his curve, slider, and change).  Kojima told reporters that his knee was feeling fine and that he hopes to pitch in one of the intra-squad games on the 20th or 21st.

...Keiji Uezono threw 113 pitches during his bullpen session on Tuesday.

...Shinjiro Hiyama was working out with the rest of the team on Tuesday.  Hiyama was diagnosed with conjunctivitis on Monday and had to work out under a separate training menu.

Both Tomoaki Kanemoto and Hiyama have permission to workout however they see fit.

...Masanori Fujihara tossed 72 pitches in his bullpen session on Tuesday.  Fujihara also worked in his off-speed pitches.

...Takahiro Arai swung the bat 80 times during BP on Tuesday and hit 4 out -- he used a 940 gram bat.

...Kyuji Fujikawa continues to workout at his own pace.  On Tuesday, he played catch with Tomoyuki Kubota at a distance of about 80m.  He did not hold a bullpen session.

...Ni-gun manager Katsuo Hirata has been satisfied with the off-season signing of Hisanori Nishitani.  He told reporters that he likes Nishitani because he hits the ball to all fields and plays with a lot of energy.

Nishitani was released by the Eagles during the off-season and signed on with the Tigers as an Ikusei player after passing tryouts.

=== 2/3/2010 6:42pm JST

...Tomoaki Kanemoto wasn't scheduled for fielding practice on Tuesday, but decided to participate -- he took grounders in the infield and fly balls in the outfield.

...Craig Brazell took 45 swings during BP and hit 16 out.  Half of the 16 he hit out were to the opposite field.

...Matt Murton not only hit 13 balls out for home runs on Tuesday, he also hit a bomb that traveled 150m, tying a record set by Mike Kinkade back in 2004.

Chunichi Dragons advanced scout Hideki Sato offered the following on Murton: He's nothing like what I heard.  He generates a lot of power without a big swing.

...Takashi Toritani and Keiichi Hirano took fielding practice on Tuesday -- Toritani was a short and Hirano at second.

...It only took Randy Messenger 7 pitches to get ready prior to his bullpen session on Tuesday.  He later told reporters that it usually only takes him about 3 pitches.  Messenger also threw all his pitches (curve, slider, and change) during his session.  He apparently threw at 85-90%.

...Minoru Iwata threw all his pitches during his bullpen session on Tuesday: curve, slider, fork, two-seamer, and cutter.

...Kenji Johjima caught Kazuhito Futagami's 66-pitch bullpen session on Tuesday.  Johjima was apparently quite impressed with Futagami's balance and control.

In addition to Minoru Iwata, Johjima also caught Tomoyuki Kubota on Tuesday.

...Aikido training began at the Ni-gun camp on Tuesday.