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Nippon Ham Fighters: Team cameraman diagnosed with tuberculosis

by on Feb.03, 2010 @ 11:36 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 9:04pm JST

...The official team cameraman was diagnosed with tuberculosis on Wednesday and was taken to a hospital in Okinawa.  It seems there's a possibility he may have the illness as far back as mid-January when he first started feeling a little under the weather.  On 1/27, the man went to a hospital in Hokkaido to run some tests and based on what I can gather, it was those tests that revealed he had tuberculosis.

The team is currently deciding whether or not to test everyone on the team for tuberculosis.

=== 5:48pm JST

...Yu Darvish held his second bullpen session of Spring camp on Wednesday and threw 71 pitches.  He wore a short-sleeved shirt despite the somewhat chilly air.  Darvish later told reporters that he felt great.

...Despite the rain in the morning and sub-par field conditions, Masataka Nashida had the team practice rundown plays and sign plays.

...Astunori Inaba is trying to figure out whom on the Fighters' is calling all the rain.  (It's a joke of course)

...Nashida's assessment of Masayoshi Kato so far:

He's doing alright.  Just about what I would expect. ... He seems to be a stable fielder with a good arm.

=== 2/3/2010 11:36am JST

...More rain in Okinawa as the third day of Spring camp starts in the indoor training facilities.  Seems like it's fairly windy and cold down there right now (at least relative to what it usually is like).

...Atsunori Inaba took some swings from the right side of the plate during soft-toss BP on Tuesday and managed to hit one (or more) over the fence.

...Sho Nakata took 38 swings during BP on Tuesday and hit 5 over the wall.  Nakata is currently working on how to grip the bat for better bat control.  Seems he's trying to keep his right hand loose.   Nakata may finally be realizing that it isn't always about how far you can hit the ball.

On defense, outfield coach Masaji Shimizu worked with Nakata again on Tuesday and said that he's showing some improvement and now looks like a high school outfielder.

...Buddy Carlyle told reporters after his bullpen session on Tuesday that while the NPB ball is different from the MLB ball, he's found it much easier to throw because of the raise stitching.  He also said that he feels he's throwing harder than when he was with the Hanshin Tigers.

...Masayoshi Kato got his first chance to take part in situational fielding on Tuesday.  He was a little nervous after watching Makoto Kaneko making some smooth plays on the field.