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Rakuten Eagles: Teppei has his eyes set on Golden Glove

by on Feb.03, 2010 @ 11:10 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 8:01pm JST

...Today marks the end of the first session.  The team has the day off Thursday.

...Marty Brown passed the hat around amongst the coaches and managed to collect 122,000 yen.  He put all that into a pot and offered it up as a prize to the player that completed a 2-mile run first.  All players, excepted those that were injured, took part in the run and Kazuya Takahori ended up winning the pot.

After that, Brown spent some time watching pitchers in the bullpen.  In the afternoon, he tossed some BP and worked with the fielders / hitters.

...Juan Morillo held a bullpen session on Wednesday and threw 46 pitches (including his slider and change).  He told reporters he threw at about 80%.  Jin Nakatani caught Morillo and thought he was throwing harder.

=== 4:57pm JST

...Satoshi Nagai tossed an 81-pitch bullpen session on Tuesday.  He also managed to work in a few shutos, a pitch he ultimately would like to use as one of his out pitches.  Unfortunately, it can be a difficult pitch to practice because it tends to make pitchers change their deliveries a little.

Nagai threw 65 pitches on Monday.

=== 2/3/2010 11:10am JST

...Daisuke Kusano gained 6kg during the off-season and vowed to lose it all during Spring camp by sticking to a vegetable diet.  So far in three days, he has managed to lose 2kg.  Kusano told reporters that while eating lots of vegetables makes him full, the feeling doesn't last for very long.

Kusano will likely compete with Andy Phillips for the starting third base job.

...Mary Brown asked Takeshi Yamasaki to give the younger players a lecture on his experience as a player during the Ichi-gun and Ni-gun fielder's meeting after practice on Tuesday.

Yamasaki also happened to hit 6 out of the park during BP.

...During fielding practice on Tuesday, Ichi-gun fielding coach Atsuhiro Motonishi told players he didn't want to see them diving for any balls.  He also added that good fielders shouldn't have to dive for balls if they're positioned properly or know how to track the ball.  Motonishi is concerned about the players getting injured by making unnecessary dives for the ball.

...Teppei stayed back an hour for extra fielding practice on Tuesday.  Teppei told reporters that he never really had a chance to learn the basics of playing the outfield after being converted.  Teppei has his eyes on a Golden Glove.