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Yomiuri Giants: Yamaguchi looking to Utsumi for help on how to train as a starter during Spring camp

by on Feb.03, 2010 @ 10:48 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 2/4/2010 12:10am JST

...Shugo Fujii threw 102 pitches during a bullpen session on Wednesday.  He also managed to mix in a few off-speed pitches.

...The Giants held a seminar on drug abuse for their players on Wednesday.  A retired Metropolitan Police Department officer gave the lecture.

=== 7:36pm JST

...Satoshi Fukuda held his third bullpen session in as many days on Wednesday and threw 130 pitches.  Fukuda is hoping to make the starting rotation out of Spring camp.

=== 6:06pm JST

...Nikkan Sports is carrying a report on the third day of Spring camp (it seems the one with Hisayoshi Chono was removed / moved for some reason).

...Hisayoshi Chono hit one out during BP Wednesday while Taishi Ohta hit out two.

...Alex Ramirez took some grounders at first on Wednesday and let three go right between his legs.

...Tetsuya Yamaguchi tossed his second bullpen session Spring camp on Wednesday.  Seemed he had some problems with his control and couldn't throw the ball where he wanted to.

...Seth Greisinger held a bullpen session on Wednesday and thew 41 pitches (including his change).  It was apparently the first time in four months that Greisinger threw off a mound.  He later told reporters that he didn't throw the ball very hard and kept the session light.

=== 12:17pm JST

...Nikkan Sports is carrying a full report on Hisayoshi Chono's third day at Spring camp.

...Taishi Ohta took 38 swings during BP on Tuesday and didn't hit any over the fence.  After his session, Tatsunori Hara approached Ohta and reminded him to keep his swing short.

...Hisayoshi Chono took 43 swings during BP on Tuesday and hit 16 potential base hits, including 3 that went over the fence.  Chono worked out for 7.5 hours on Tuesday.

=== 2/3/2010 10:48am JST

...Tetsuya Yamaguchi is shadowing Tetsuya Utsumi during Spring camp.  Yamaguchi told reporters that during the first session of Spring camp, he'll be copying Utsumi's training schedule since he doesn't know how to train as a starter.  While Yamaguchi didn't hold a bullpen session on Tuesday, he will likely hold one on Wednesday.

...Shigeyuki Furuki took part in early morning walks on Wednesday.  While on his walk, he told reporters that it can be difficult being a utility player because sometimes you're required to change positions during the middle of a game.  But he said that gets easier over time with experience.

...Edgar Gonzalez has been watching Alex Ramirez for tips on how to play in Japan since Tuesday.  Tatsunori Hara also appears to have told Gonzalez that Ramirez has been instructed to provide whatever support he can.

Incidentally, it seem Gonzalez has also been earning high marks with advanced scouts from other teams, not only because of his bat and glove, but also with regards to how he has handled himself in Japan (he shaved his mustache, he changed into a suit for his press conference).

...Hara told reporters on Tuesday that he's thinking of giving all outfielders a chance to take some grounders at first during Spring camp.  The reason?  In case there's an accident where the team needs an emergency first baseman.  Head coach Haruki Ihara hinted that the extra fielding at first could help them since they get grounders in outfield as well.

...Hayato Sakamoto took 36 swings during BP and hit 9 potential base hits on his first day of Spring camp (he continued to work on going the other way).  Sakamoto also spent some time with the fans after practice signing autographs.

...Track and field runner Shingo Suetsugu was at Giants' Spring camp on Tuesday.  Hisayoshi Chono and Taishi Ohta managed to spend some time with him and were given instructions on how to run.

Because Suetsugu is currently training in Miyazaki, the team invited him to camp.  Prior to practice, Hara spoke to Suetsugu and asked that he specifically work with Chono because he looked a little stiff while running.  In all, Suetsugu spent about an hour and a half with both Chono and Ohta.

Hara and Suetsugu are both Tokai University alums.