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Seibu Lions: Kikuchi to make an appearance during an intra-squad game on the 20th?

by on Feb.04, 2010 @ 9:39 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 12:45am JST

...Yuseki Kikuchi held a bullpen session on Thursday and threw 59 pitches.  Taichi Yoshimi and Toru Hosokawa caught Kikuchi and provided signs to make the session more realistic.

Kikuchi told reporters afterward that because his arm was feeling a little tired, he ended up throwing more off-speed pitches (he also threw 5 fork balls).  He apparently threw at about 20-30%.

...Hiroyuki Nakajima has been using his early morning practice time to work on his fielding.  He usually works out with Takuya Hara and Hideto Asamura, both of whom are players that are younger than Nakajima.  Working with younger players means that Nakajima gets to go over the basics on a regular basis, further reinforcing his foundation.  Or at least that's what fielding / base running coach Masakazu Seiki thinks.

...Kimiyasu Kudo will likely hold a bullpen session on the 6th.

=== 6:53pm JST

...Kazuhisa Ishii held his first bullpen of Spring camp on Thursday and threw 93 pitches.  Seems Ishii forgot his uniform as he wore Kimiyasu Kudo's.  The two joked around later, with Ishii saying that he threw better because of Kudo's uniform and Kudo saying that he figured Ishii would be able to move around on the mound better because the uniform was larger.

...Fumiya Nishiguchi held his fourth bullpen session in as many days on Thursday; he threw 75 pitches with the catcher squatting.  Nishiguchi also suffered a cracked nail partway through his session.

...Kenta Matsusaka took part in morning practice (start time of 8am) on Thursday.

...Toru Hosokawa also took part in morning practice on Thursday.  Since he's been catching pitchers in the bullpen, he hasn't had much time to work out on his own.  On Thursday morning, he took some BP and focused on hitting balls back up the middle.

...Yuseki Kikuchi and Hideaki Wakui threw the roasted soybeans on Wednesday.  But instead of throwing the beans at the media, Wakui turned and started throwing some of his at Kikuchi.

...Takayuki Kishi actually threw 65 pitches on Wednesday -- the last 17 were with the catcher squatting.

...Hiroyuki Nakajima spent about an hour working on his defense on Wednesday, with a focus on making a smooth transition from gloving the ball to throwing the ball.

...Dee Brown reminisced about the time when he played with Mac Suzuki (KC Royals in 2000).

...Brian Sikorski threw his first bullpen session during Spring camp on Wednesday.

=== 2/4/2010 9:39am JST

...Seems Yusei Kikuchi was impressed with Hideaki Wakui's bullpen session on Wednesday.  He told reporters that the quality of Wakui's pitches were on another level.

...Wakui is apparently trying to become a pitcher that can regularly throw 150km/h.

...Kikuchi could be making an appearance during an intra-squad game on the 20th.  On Wednesday, Kikuchi was given a break from morning exercises and slept in a little later than usual.

There was talk of letting Kikuchi pitch a little sooner, but he'll be away between the 8th and 11th to take finals at Hanamaki Higashi.  The team decided it didn't make sense to rush things and set a date much later.

Kikuchi is set to throw another bullpen session on Thursday.

...Hisanobu Watanabe is a little worried about Kikuchi's stress levels with regards to the media constantly following him around.  Said Watanabe, "I think he's feeling a little stressed.  If you think about it, he's going through a lot.  I mean, he's always been followed around by the media.  He can't even pick his nose."

Seems there's about 100 members of the media at Lions' Spring camp everyday with a number of TV cameras constantly pointed toward Kikuchi.