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Softbank Hawks: Oh wants to hold more organizational meetings

by on Feb.04, 2010 @ 4:02 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 2/5/2010 12:22am JST

...16 Hawks players (grouped into four groups of four players each) visited four special educations schools in the Miyazaki area on Thursday after practice.

...The Hawks players and coaches got their flu shots on Thursday.

=== 10:36pm JST

...Bum-Ho Lee tried his hand at first base on Thursday.  While he hasn't been very impressive defensively so far, Koji Akiyama did say that he noticed some improvements and that the best way to get better was to do a lot of fielding drills.

...Tadashi Settsu made it four bullpen sessions in as many days on Thursday.  Settsu threw about 60 pitches.  He was originally supposed to stop at 50 but felt so good that he threw an additional 10 or so pitches.  Settsu told reporters that while his lower body felt tight, his arm and elbow were feeling pretty good.

=== 2/4/2010 4:02pm JST

...Bum-Ho Lee took 57 swings of the bat during BP on Wednesday and hit 3 out.

...Nobuhiko Matsunaka spent about 30 minutes taking 50 swings during soft toss BP and 25 swings during toss BP (similar to soft toss, but using less power in the swing and the toss is thrown from further away).

...Shunya Suzuki (Group B) felt pain in his right elbow on Wednesday and is getting it checked out at a hospital in Miyazaki.  Suzuki did toss a bullpen session on Monday, but could not throw one on Tuesday because of the pain.

...Brian Falkenborg threw a total 23 pitches during his bullpen session on Wednesday (yesterday's post mentioned 20): 4 with the catcher standing and 19 with the catcher squatting.  His last bullpen session came more than a week ago back in the US.  Falkenborg will likely throw his next bullpen session on the 6th.

...Toshiya Sugiuchi is likely to make an appearance in a intra-squad game on the 14th.  Sugiuchi held a bullpen session on Wednesday and 83 pitches.

...Tsuyoshi Wada threw about 50 pitches (including his curve) to a squatting catcher during his bullpen session on Wednesday.

...Tadashi Settsu threw about 70 pitches during his third bullpen session in as many days on Wednesday .  He told reporters that he'd like to make it four in a row by holding another bullpen session on Thursday.

...Shota Ohba threw about 80 pitches during his bullpen session on Wednesday.  Ohba is currently working on his delivery and received 1-on-1 coaching from pitching coach Keisaburo Tanoue both during and after his session.

...The Hawks don't expect Kazumi Saito back this season.  They also don't want him rushing.

...Sadaharu Oh would like to hold more organizational meetings this year in order to improve the team.  He told reporters it's all about collecting data and sharing it with everyone in the organization.

Oh has already held two meetings since the start of Spring camp: one on Tuesday that lasted 3 hours and focused on foreign players; and one on Wednesday that last 2.5 hours and focused around domestic players.

...Koji Akiyama signed a 1-year sponsorship deal with Morikawa Kenkodo on Wednesday.  Akiyama is a huge fan of their Propolis Candy.

...The Hawks took a team photo prior to practice on Wednesday.  But it wasn't just any team photo.  The photo was taken using 160MP camera (I'm guessing it's it was Seitz).  The team photo will ultimately be displayed somewhere in Yahoo Dome.