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Rakuten Eagles: Iwakuma threw 76 on Friday

by on Feb.06, 2010 @ 11:28 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 11:10pm JST

...Masahiro Tanaka threw 54 pitches to a standing catcher on Saturday.  It seems Tanaka has been thinking about the thing he needs to do in order to continue pitching at a high level.  One of those things could include modifying his delivery to lessen the strain on his shoulder.

...Daisuke Kusano nailed a home run out of the park off Akira Matsumoto during a simulated game on Saturday.

=== 6:33pm JST

...NPB Commissioner Ryozo Kato dropped by Eagles' camp on Saturday.  He spent some time watching Masahiro Tanaka and Hisashi Iwakuma throw bullpen sessions.

...Hiromichi Fujiwara is trying to make his way into becoming the fourth starter in the rotation this year.  He was the BP pitcher on Friday and faced 4 batters while throwing 33 pitches.

...Seems Eagles' camp is livelier this year with Marty Brown at the helm.  And it seems the players are enjoying the change of pace.  Compared to former manager Katsuya Nomura, Brown has been more involved, like hitting grounders during fielding practice and calling mini-meetings to cover specific training menus.

...Brown spent some time giving Ryuji Miyade hitting tips on Friday.  In all, Brown watched Miyade take 163 swings of the bat.  Brown later said that he remembered watching Miyade when he was with the Swallows and felt he had potential.  He also said he wanted to spend time with Miyade so he could learn more about his swing for future reference.

=== 2/6/2010 11:28am JST

...Hisashi Iwakuma held a bullpen session on Friday and threw 28 pitches with the catcher standing and 76 pitches with the catcher squatting.  He mixed in all his pitches and tried a number from the set position.