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Seibu Lions: Kikuchi looks to throw two bullpen sessions before he leaves for finals

by on Feb.06, 2010 @ 12:31 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 10:58pm JST

...Takeya Nakamura took 137 swings during BP and hit 10 out.  Nakamura worked on trying to put some back-spin on the ball.

...Ryoma Nogami threw 52 pitching during BP on Saturday and gave up 10 could-be hits while facing Yasuyuki Kataoka and Takumi Kuriyama.

Nogami worked out with Nippon Ham Fighter Yu Darvish during the off-season and was advised on how to use his lower body more effectively.  Nogami told reporters that he felt his shoulder doesn't get quite as tight as it used to.

...Yusei Kikuchi wasn't scheduled to throw 118 pitches today.  He told reporters that because he felt his body was too light in the beginning, he threw too quickly and knocked his delivery out of whack.  After throwing about 50 pitches, he worked on tinkering with his delivery to get it back.

Kikuchi also took about 61 grounders during fielding practice on Saturday.

=== 6:36pm JST

...Yusei Kikuchi held a bullpen session on Saturday and threw 118 pitches (the most he's thrown during Spring camp so far).

=== 2/6/2010 12:31pm JST

...Since Yusei Kikuchi will be taking a leave of absence beginning on the 8th (for finals), he plans on holding bullpens sessions on both Saturday and Sunday.

Kikuchi has also been battling tightness in his muscles and consulted the team trainer for advice on what he might be able to do to alleviate the problem.  It seems both Hideaki Wakui and Takayuki Kishi do workouts using light weights designed to stimulate muscles so that they don't get tight quite as easily.  Kikuchi will likely add similar strength training exercises to his menu moving forward.

...The Lions are thinking of moving G.G. Sato to left because of his barking knees.  Sato has been practicing in left since the start of Spring camp this year.  Sato also hasn't been able to make a lot of aggressive plays near the fence because of his knees.

The team is planning on giving Dee Brown a shot in right.

...Fumiya Nishiguchi held four bullpen sessions in as many days during the first session of Spring camp.  He modestly told reporters that it wasn't a big deal because he hasn't thrown that hard and hasn't thrown enough pitches to be tired.