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Yakult Swallows: Matsuoka tosses his first bullpen since elbow cleaning in November

by on Feb.06, 2010 @ 12:07 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 11:35pm JST

...Atsuya Furuta was happy to see Hirotoshi Ishii throw a bullpen session when he dropped by Swallows' camp on Saturday.

...Masato Nakazawa had a chance to meet Furuta for the first time in his career on Saturday.  They are both former Toyota players.

Nakazawa will be making an appearance as the second pitcher during an intra-squad practice game on the 13th.

...Yuhei Nakamura caught 55 Shohei Tateyama pitches under the watchful eye of Furuta on Saturday.  It was the first time the two met.  Furuta said he noticed Nakamura made good use of his feet and that Nakamura left a good impression on him.

=== 2/6/2010 12:07pm JST

...Kenichi Matsuoka held a bullpen session on Friday at Ni-gun camp and threw 30 pitches to a standing catcher.  It was Matsuoka's first bullpen session since he had his elbow cleaned out back in November.  Matsuoka has played a fairly big role in the Swallows' bullpen over the last couple of seasons (2008 - 65 games, 1.39 ERA; 2009 - 52 games, 4.72 ERA).

Note: players in the Ni-gun group didn't have the day off on Friday.

...Yuhei Takai told reporters that he wants to have a body like Kazuki Fukuchi.  Takai said that his body is slowly starting to change as he works on his conversion to becoming an outfielder.  Fukuchi happens to have the type of physique that Takai would ultimately like to have -- Fukuchi's fat content is at 8% while Takai's is at 13%.

He spent his day off in the batting cages.

...Masato Nakazawa visited a US military base on Okinawa.  He also stopped by a Blue Seal Ice Cream store for some ice cream and acted as a convenience store manager for a day.