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Rakuten Eagles: Teppei plays in right field during situational fielding

by on Feb.07, 2010 @ 4:20 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 9:42pm JST

...Norihiro Nakamura took part in early fielding practice on Sunday.  Marty Brown spent about 30 minutes hitting grounders to Nakamura at the indoor training facility.  Nakamura asked for the early fielding session.

...Koji Mitsui held a bullpen session on his first day at Ni-gun camp.  He's hoping to get a chance to play in an intra-squad game on the 11th.

=== 2/7/2010 4:20pm JST

...Koji Mitsui (released by the Lions) joined the Eagles on Sunday for a tryout.  He'll spend the next couple of days working out at Ni-gun camp and will likely have his tryout sometime on or after the 10th.

...Takashi Kawai threw 30 pitches during a simulated game on Saturday and faced Ryuji Miyade, Naoto Watanabe, Andy Phillips, and Todd Linden.

...Teppei played in right field during situational fielding practice on Saturday.  The last time Teppei played in right was back in 2008 (48 games).  All of Teppei's starts from last season were in center.  The Eagles would ideally like Teppei to be able to play both right and center field positions.  They will likely test Teppei over a span of 2-3 games to see how he does.

...Darrell Rasner threw 30 pitches during BP on Saturday.  He modified his delivery a bit and it appeared as though he was throwing the ball downward (he apparently raised his elbow a bit higher).  Marty Brown said he noticed that Rasner was throwing down in the strike zone and that he was able to go in and out with his pitches.

Rasner faced four batters including Teppei and Norihiro Nakamura and surrendered 2 could-be hits.

...Tsuyoshi Kawagishi threw 30 pitches during BP on Saturday.