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Softbank Hawks: Tsuyoshi Wada has tightness in his left elbow

by on Feb.07, 2010 @ 4:58 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 2/8/2010 1:44am JST

...The Hawks held an organizational meeting on Sunday to discuss various ways to help make the team stronger.  About 20 members of the front office took part in the meeting and talked about potential foreign players they could target if there's an injury mid-season and whom they might target during the 2010 draft.

=== 9:05pm JST

...Shingo Tatsumi is working on his delivery.  It seems his left knee is opening up when he steps into his pitch.  He spent about an hour after practice working with pitching coach Ikuo Takayama.

=== 2/7/2010 4:58pm JST

...Bum-Ho Lee took 114 swings during early morning BP on Sunday, none of which resulted in a home run, or a ball hit near the wall.  Lee later told reporters he felt as if he was slowly getting into the swing of things.

On Saturday, Lee took 18 swings against Yoshiaki Fujioka during BP and got 1 could-be hit (although Sponichi mentions 33 swings and 1 over the fence).  He also stayed back after general practice and took 136 swings and hit 4 over the fence.

BH Lee had dinner with Yomiuri Giants Seung-Yeop Lee on Thursday night and apparently got a chance to get his mind off of baseball.

...During morning shouting practice on Sunday, Kenta Imamiya shouted that he wanted to play out the day full of energy and excitement, just as a rookie would do.  Hiroyuki Kawahara shouted that he wanted to treat every play with a large degree of important.

...Over 12,000 fans showed up on Saturday.

...Nobuhiko Matsunaka started running a bit faster on Saturday.  During the first session, he spent most of his time jogging and walking.    On Saturday, he tried ramping things up just a bit and tried running a distance of 80m.  Matsunaka also closed off portions of his practice (which included playing catch) from the media.

...Shingo Tatsumi threw about 60 pitches during a bullpen session on Saturday.

...As mentioned yesterday, Tsuyoshi Wada canceled his bullpen session on Saturday.  He limited his throwing to a game of catch.  It also seems that Wada felt a little tightness in his left elbow.  His scheduled BP outing on the 8th has also been put off for now.  The team will take things one day at a time to see where this leads.

...Nobuhiro Matsuda took 16 swings against Keisuke Katto during BP on Saturday and collected 4 could-be hit, including 2 home runs.  Matsuda is completing against Lee for the starting third base job.

...The Softbank mobile phone dog visited Spring camp on Sunday.  The dog became a "commanding officer" of the cheer group during the season last year and will continue on with the position this year.  Koji Akiyama gave the dog a uniform with the number 0103 on it (which spells out otosan in numbers, which means father).