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Yakult Swallows: De La Cruz arrives; Ichiba throws 240 pitches

by on Feb.07, 2010 @ 9:05 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 5:37pm JST

...Eulo De La Cruz finally arrived in Japan on Saturday.  The trip took him 33 hours to make.  He told reporters that he slept through most of it and wasn't that tired.  On Sunday, De La Cruz threw 50 pitches during a bullpen session.  He apparently threw at about 60%.

...Yasuhiro Ichiba threw 240 pitches during his fifth bullpen session on Sunday.  Ichiba was supposed to throw BP on Sunday but couldn't due to the rain.

...The Swallows held a baseball clinic after practice on Sunday and about 200 little leaguers showed up.  Every Ichi-gun player at camp took part in the clinic.

...Atsuya Furuta worked with Yuhei Nakamura for about 30 minutes on Saturday.  Some of the pointers he received included: stopping the running game by watching the entire playing field by using peripheral vision (don't focus on any one thing); there will be times when catching at a slant will help; position the left knee a little back when catching a left-handed pitcher's slider; when throwing to a base, step into the throw with the knee for more stability; don't go after pitches in the ground, let them bounce against the chest protector; and communicate with the pitchers on a daily basis.

Furuta also gave Nakamura a pointer on hitting: memorize the path a pitcher's fastball takes from release to the time in hits the catcher's glove; anything outside of that line is an off-speed pitch.

=== 2/7/2010 9:05am JST

...Yoshinori Sato threw 34 pitches during a BP session on Saturday.  He faced two batters during his outing, including Yuhei Takai (17 pitches and 9 balls), and gave up 2 could-be hits.   Sato also had some problems with his control, throwing 17 balls.