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Chunichi Dragons: Chen’s new wife can speak English

by on Feb.10, 2010 @ 5:11 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 2/11/2010 12:18am JST

...Junki Ito pitched in a simulated game on Wednesday and didn't have a really good outing: he faced 17 batters and surrendered 17 hits.  After general practice, he worked with head coach Shigekazu Mori in the bullpen.

...Akihiro Maeda picked up a hit against both Ito and Maximo Nelson during a simulated game on Tuesday.

...Tony Blanco also had two at bats in the simulated game, hitting a double off Nelson and then a home run off Minoru Iwata.  After the simulate game, Blanco hit 10 HRs (4 of which completely left the stadium) during BP.

=== 2/10/2010 5:11pm JST

...Daisuke Yamaii was given a warning by umps over his double-leg pump during his bullpen session on Wednesday.  Yamaii told reporters that he wasn't intentionally trying to break the rules and that he was simply working through his delivery.

For those that don't know what a double-leg pump delivery entails, check out Hisashi Iwakuma's old delivery for a good example.

...The two hits Masahiko Morino recorded during a simulated game on Tuesday: a double to right and a double down the left field line.  Morino said that he was able to get the bat head out much quicker after making revisions to his batting stance.

...Wei-Ying Chen's new wife can speak English.  Looks like that could be a big help if / when he decides to head to the US.  The two have plans to hold a wedding ceremony in Taiwan sometime in January 2011.

2 comments on “Chunichi Dragons: Chen’s new wife can speak English

  1. Gary Garland

    First, I want to commend you on this site. I hope you stick with it since I think there are legions of baseball fans who will find it helpful and interesting. Gambatte kudasai!

    Anyway, Chen’s wife’s name, as best as I can transliterate it from Hochi Sports report, is Tsai Lee-yuan. Is that accurate?

    1. Gen Post author

      Thanks for the words of encouragement. I appreciate it.

      As for your question about Chen’s wife’s name… To be honest, I’m really bad at figuring out how to convert Chinese (and Korean) names into English.

      Here is what I was able to figure out. Her name is actually spelled 蔡意雯. Doing a quick search on that shows that 意雯 (or イウン) comes up as Yi-Wen. So my best guess would be Tsai Yi-Wen.

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