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Seibu Lions: Day Off

by on Feb.10, 2010 @ 3:17 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

...Taichi Yoshimi, Tatsuyuki Uemoto, and Kenta Matsusaka worked out for about 2 hours on their day off Wednesday.

...Kazuyuki Hoashi held a bullpen session on Tuesday and threw about 70 pitches.  His goal this year is to work the outside corner against right-handed batters.  Last season, the league batted .285 against Hoashi (vs .256 for lefties) and he feels pitching on the outside corner will improve his numbers against them.  In order to get a better grasp of the corners, Hoashi is trying to throw about 70% of the pitches he throws during bullpen sessions to the "outside" corner.

During his bullpen session on Tuesday, Hoashi threw about 20 pitches "inside" and the remaining 50 or pitches to the "outside."

Hoashi told reporters that he cut his Tuesday bullpen short because he didn't feel right.  He also said that he played some catch at the indoor training facilities later on in the day to work on tweaking his delivery a little.

...Kenta Matsushita told reporters that he's learning how to use his hips after being told by pitching coach Tetsuya Shiozaki that he wasn't using them properly.  The two are working on overhauling Matsushita's delivery.

...Kimiyasu Kudo could pitch in one of the exhibition game against the Yomiuri Giants (27th 0r 28th).  Kudo told reporters that he threw at about 70% during his bullpen session on Tuesday.  Chief trainer Makoto Suzuki said that Kudo has the muscles of a 35 year old.

...Maybe the sunglasses work?  Taketoshi Goto wore his sunglasses during BP against Tomoki Hoshino on Tuesday and hit a 130m home run to left center.  Yakult Swallow Kazuki Fukuchi apparently contacted Goto, asking if he could borrow them.