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Yokohama Bay Stars: Day Off / Shimizu at 516 pitches so far

by on Feb.10, 2010 @ 4:54 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

...Takeshi Hosoyamada and Tatsuya Shimozono worked out on their day off Wednesday.  They started things off with  running, followed by some batting practice.

...The Bay Stars will begin playing simulated games during the third session.

...With Takao Obana watching, Yoshitomo Tsutsugo took 68 swings during BP on Tuesday and recorded 24 could-be hits, including 5 HRs.  When Obana was asked about a possible promotion for Tsutsugo, he said that it couldn't be completely ruled out, but that all the coaches would have to be on board for it to happen.

...Naoyuki Shimizu threw 40 pitches during a bullpen session on Tuesday.  That gives him a total 516 pitches over Spring camp so far.  Shimizu is usually near 300 pitches at this time of year.  He's hoping to throw about 2,300 pitches (bullpen sessions, simulated games, BP) in total before the end of camp.

...Obana officially decided to have Shingo Nonaka (listed as an infielder) go through with a conversion to the outfield on Tuesday.  There's still an opening in center and the conversion would give Nonaka a chance at winning a starting position.

Nonaka spent about an hour shagging flies in front of Obana on Tuesday.

...Keijiro Matsumoto took part in early morning batting practice on Tuesday.  He also took part in extra fielding practice after general practice.  He told reporters after all his practice on Tuesday that he was tired and planned on sleeping in on his day off.  Matsumoto is one of the players vying for a spot in center field.

...A couple pro-wrestlers, including Super Delfin, dropped by Bay Stars' camp on Tuesday.  Seems they're friends with Daisuke Miura.  The wrestlers also jokingly put Shun Yamaguchi in a Mexican Stretch hold in the hopes of stretching out his tight back.