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Aichi Toho University Baseball Manager Under Fire

by on Feb.12, 2010 @ 5:47 pm, under College

=== 3/12/2010 9:50pm JST

Aichi Tono announced on Friday that they hired former manager and alum Osamu Ezaki (江崎修) as the general director of their baseball club and will take over as manager of the team.  Hiroshi Tanaka, current manager of the team, was given an indefinite suspension from managing duties.

=== 2/23/2010 1:33pm JST

Aichi Tono announced on Tuesday that they indefinitely suspended one of their baseball coaches for beating two baseball players, backdated to the 5th.  The manager of the team was also given a stern warning.

=== 2/16/2010 2:41pm JST

The media learned that the baseball manager at Aichi Toho was also investigated for power harassment and that he and a 26-year-old male coach were given stern warnings for their conduct.  The manager will also be required to take a year-long course in human rights and will be informed by the university of what isn't appropriate during practice.

=== 2/12/2010 5:47pm JST

Aichi Toho University informed the media on Tuesday that they had taken disciplinary action against its baseball manager for hitting a member of the baseball team last year.

According to the report, sometime back in October 2009, the manager struck a player in the face 5 to 6 times because he wasn't practicing the right way.  The player fell down and sustained minor injuries to his neck and right hand.

Over 20 of the 50 some odd players on the team approached the university to have them look into the incident.  Upon confronting the manager, he admitted to striking the player and also said that he had hit two other players in the past.

On January 6th, the university handed out a one week suspension to the manager.  The university is still looking into the other two incidents the manager mentioned.