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Hanshin Tigers: Kanemoto to bat fourth?

by on Feb.12, 2010 @ 3:26 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 11:24pm JST

...Kenji Johjima took 60 swings during BP on Friday and hit 6 over the fence.  Johjima also finally started pulling pitches as he spent most of the last few days focusing on hitting the ball to the opposite field.

...If it wasn't certain before, it is now: Kazuhito Futagami will indeed be starting a practice game against the Nippon Ham Fighters on 2/13.

=== 2/12/2010 3:26pm JST

...Tigers make a funny: during base running practice on Thursday, Tomoaki Kanemoto came running around third and slid into home.  A bunch of Tigers' players ran toward home to greet him.  When Takahiro Arai did the same, they waited at home plate but quickly ran off the field as he slid in.

...Kenji Johjima told reporters that he will pace his work-outs so that he'll be ready for a start on 3/3.  He also told reporters that his training is moving along according to schedule and that he will begin working on his throws to second during the next session.  Johjima made about 5 throws to third base prior to situational fielding practice on Thursday.

Johjima also stood in the batter's box during bullpen sessions for Satoru Kanemura, Tomoyuki Kubota, and Hirotaka Egusa (about 40 pitches) on Thursday -- he wanted to get a feel for the strike zone.  He also took BP during (53 swings) and after (84 swings) general practice, focusing primarily on hitting the ball back up the middle.

...Kanemoto stood in the batter's box during Ken Nishimura's bullpen session on Thursday.  After the bullpen session, Nishimura threw 51 pitches to Masashi Nohara and Shunsuke Fujikawa during his second stint as BP pitcher and gave up 6 could-be hits.  Nishimura will likely pitch in a practice game against the Nippon Ham Fighters on the 14th.

Kanemoto also gave Nishimura some advice on how to use the change against left-handed batters.

...Takashi Toritani faced Kazuya Tsutsui during BP on Thursday.  Toritani took 18 swings and hit one over the fence.  Futoshi Nakanishi (baseball analyst) also gave Toritani some advice on how to use his lower body more effectively.

...Kyuji Fujikawa threw 75 pitches during a bullpen session on Thursday.  About half of the pitches he threw were off-speed pitches (with a focus on the fork).  Fujikawa is currently set to throw BP on the 17th.

...Casey Fossum held a bullpen session on Thursday and threw 100 pitches.  He also had a chance to pitch with umpires calling balls and strikes for the first time.  Fossum seemed confident about his grasp of the Japanese strike zone and said that he shouldn't have too many problems based on how things went during the session.  He said he was also able to test the zone to see where it began and ended.

Incidentally, Fossum also threw the Fossum flip 12 times -- 10 for balls and 2 for strikes.

...Kazuhito Futagami threw 72 pitches during a bullpen session on Thursday.  He didn't appear very satisfied with the session though, as he told reporters he struggled with his command.  Futagami is gearing up for his "debut" in a practice game against the Nippon Ham Fighters on the 13th.

...Masanori Fujihara held a bullpen session with umps calling balls and strikes on Thursday.

...Akinobu Mayumi told reporters that if Kanemoto continues at his current pace, he'll like secure the clean-up spot.  He also didn't think Kanemoto's BP on Thursday wasn't quite as bad as he said it was.

...4,000 - 5,000 fans attended Tigers' camp on Thursday (it was a national holiday).

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