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Nippon Ham Fighters: Inaba to bat 5th?

by on Feb.12, 2010 @ 5:04 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 9:30pm JST

...Takehara Kato threw 80 pitches during his second consecutive bullpen session in as many days on Friday.  Seems Kato is trying to adjust his arm slot after being told by pitching coach Takeshi Shimazaki that the energy in his arm wasn't being transferred effectively into the pitches.

=== 2/12/2010 5:04pm JST

...Hichori Morimoto joined Ni-gun camp for practice on Friday.  Morimoto was originally supposed to rejoin the Ichi-gun team but decided to delay his return in order to give him more time to get his back into shape.

...Yuta Sekiguchi joined Ichi-gun camp on Friday.

...Masao Kida and Takehara Kato will likely make their "debuts" on the 14th during a practice game against the Hanshin Tigers.  On Thursday, they both held bullpen sessions -- Kida threw 64 pitches while Kato threw 45.

...Yu Darvish worked on getting the ball to the plate faster during his bullpen session on Thursday.  Last season, he was timed at 1.31 seconds; on Thursday he was timed at 1.25 seconds.  19 of 24 base stealers were successful against Darvish in 2009.

...Masataka Nashida is thinking about shifting Atsunori Inaba into the 5 hole and batting Yoshio Itoi third.