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Rakuten Eagles: Thursday’s intra-squad practice game notes

by on Feb.12, 2010 @ 7:58 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 9:33pm JST

...Juan Morillo threw 28 pitches (including his slider and change) during his first stint at BP pitcher.  He only gave up one could-be hit.

=== 2/12/2010 7:58pm JST

...Hisashi Iwakuma training menu on Thursday included long distance throws and running, but did not include a bullpen session.  That didn't stop Iwakuma from taking the mound, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, to make a few quick checks on his delivery (like his release point).

...Thursday's intra-squad practice game notes:

The game was played out using a 1 inning, 15 pitches rule.  In other words, innings would last as long as the pitcher didn't go over 15 pitches.  That means innings could be longer / shorter than 3 outs.

Six pitchers made an appearance of two innings each.  They faced a total 49 batters.  31 of the 49 batters got first ball strikes.  46 of 49 batters saw a strike within the first two pitches.

Koji Aoyama was the only pitcher that could not record at least three outs in 15 pitches or less.

Hideki Asai faced 10 batters in his 2 innings and gave up 2 hits and no runs.  He recorded 8 outs in all and topped out at 141km/h.

Satoru Ishikawa faced 8 batters and gave up 1 hit and no runs.  He threw 27 pitches in all.

Both Akaminai Ginji and Shoji Ohiro finished with 2 hits.

...During morning practice on Thursday, Marty Brown played a fielding game of 27 consecutive outs with the team.  Brown picked up on the practice method back when he was managing for the AAA Buffalo Bisons in 2003.

...Teppei wanted a chance to play in Thursday's practice game because he wanted to work on his conversion to right.  Brown didn't allow him to play since he wanted a chance to see the younger players in action.