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Chiba Lotte Marines: Michael Tejera to pitch on Saturday?

by on Feb.13, 2010 @ 8:30 am, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 10:19pm JST

...Saturday's intra-squad practice game notes:

Takashi Ogino started in center and batted second.  He collected a hit in the 6th inning and proceeded to steal second on the first pitch.

Naotaka Takehara went 3-for-4, including a home run off Bill Murphy in the 4th.

Kazuya Fukuura hit a home run in the 9th that tied the game.

Toshiaki Imae hit a 2-run home run.

...Yuki Karakawa popped a blister on his right middle finger and ended his bullpen session early on Friday.  He had thrown 75 pitches.  Karakawa will likely take it easy over the next 2-3 days as his finger heals.  It was after this bullpen session that Karakawa hit 1,351 pitches overall.

...Yasuhiko Yabuta threw 91 pitches during BP on Friday and gave up 7 could-be hits.  Because he hurt his right ankle during the second session, Yabuta was the only pitcher that hadn't thrown BP amongst the 20 pitchers at Ichi-gun camp.  He faced Makoto Imaoka, Tomoya Satozaki, Fukuura, and Naoki Matoba.

At 36, Yabuta and Hidetaka Kawagoe are the oldest pitchers on the staff.

...The Marines ended up canceling a simulated game (and a number of other outdoor exercises) on Friday due to the rain.

=== 2/13/2010 8:30am JST

...The Marines are planning on pitting Yuki Karakawa against Yuta Ohmine (by having them work similar schedules) in the hopes that they'll become rivals that push each other harder.  So far, Karakawa has thrown 1,351 pitches while Ohmine has thrown 1,541 pitches.

...Michael Tejera threw 32 pitches during a bullpen session on Friday.  Tejera will likely pitch in Saturday's intra-squad practice game.