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Lawsuit against the Red Star Baseball Club dismissed

by on Feb.13, 2010 @ 1:24 am, under Other

A lawsuit filed against a baseball club that Norihiro Akahoshi operates (the Red Star Baseball Club) was dismissed by the Osaka courts on Friday.  The lawsuit was filed by the family of a boy that was previously a member of the club and was reported to have been struck by the general manager while riding in a train in June of 2007.  The family was seeking damages worth 3.2M yen.

The court ruled that since the boy accepted an apology from the general manager after he was struck, the club was no longer required to make any payments.  The lawsuit also mentioned that the boy wasn't accepted into a top baseball school and apparently blamed the same general manager.  On this count, the court ruled that the boy wasn't accepted into the top baseball school because he didn't satisfy all the necessary requirements.