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Softbank Hawks: Day Off

by on Feb.15, 2010 @ 4:04 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 10:57pm JST

...Yao-Hsun Yang threw about 30 pitches to a standing catcher during a bullpen session on his day off.  Yang has been called up from Ni-gun to pitch in an intra-squad practice game on the 16th.

=== 2/15/2010 4:04pm JST

...Toshiya Sugiuchi will likely pitch again during an intra-squad game on the 20th.  After that, he'll probably throw once every 7 days in preparation for his start on 3/20.

...Bum-Ho Lee has been struggling a bit and received some pointers from Koji Akiyama and batting coach Yoshiie Tachibana on Sunday.  They spent about 30 minutes working on his swing along the first base side.

Eagles' scout Shigemitsu Nameki told reporters that he was unimpressed with Lee so far and said that he look rough around the edges.  A Hawks' club rep said that Lee likely just need more time to adjust to Japanese baseball.

...Nobuhiko Matsunaka took a break from swinging the bat on Sunday.  He was scheduled for some outdoor BP but decided not to take any due to the cold weather.  Matsunaka told reporters his knees were fine but that the cold weather was causing some tightness and didn't want to take any chances by overexerting himself.  It's possible that this could be a setback from Matsunaka as he also appeared to walk with a slight limp.

...An additional note from Sunday's intra-squad practice game:

Lee went 0-for-3, including a GIDP with the bases loaded and 1 out in the third.  He also played some first and third during the game.

...Tadashi Settsu apparently received about 300 boxes of chocolates on Valentine's day.