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Seibu Lions: No bullpen for Kikuchi on Tuesday; Fujita feels tightness in his left thigh

by on Feb.16, 2010 @ 4:00 pm, under NPB, Spring Camp

=== 11:32pm JST

...Hiroyuki Nakajima hit a home run off the first pitch he saw from Toshihiro Iwao during a simulated game on Tuesday.

...Yusei Kikuchi was accepted into Tohoku Fukushi University's correspondence course for a teaching license.

...317-game winner Keishi Suzuki visited Seibu camp on Tuesday.  He apparently approached Kikuchi and asked him if he recognized him.  After getting some help from nearby reporters, Kikuchi nervously introduced himself.

=== 2/16/2010 4:00pm JST

...Taiyo Fujita felt some tightness in his left thigh and worked on a separate training menu on Tuesday.  He began feeling tightness in the area during a bullpen session on the 14th.  The Lions will take it easy with Fujita since he also happened to suffer an injury in the same area when he was with the Hanshin Tigers.

...Yusei Kikuchi did not throw a bullpen session for the fourth straight day on Tuesday.  Instead he played long distance catch (about 30m) for about 10 minutes.  He also worked on his fielding.  Masumi Kuwata was also on hand to watch.

...Toshihiro Iwao and Yosuke Okamoto are scheduled to throw simulated games on Tuesday.  Iwao spent some time in an oxygen capsule on his day off on Monday.

...Kikuchi spent some time in an oxygen capsule on Monday as well.  He also hopped on a taxi with Kenta Matsushita to eat some ramen noodles.  On their way out, bullpen catcher Koji Tahara joking asked why they were willing to pay 4,000 yen in cab fares for a bowl of 500 yen ramen noodles.

...Kikuchi has special insoles made for his shoes prior to the start of camp that supposedly helps him walk with his feet lying parallel to the ground.  According to Ni-gun conditioning coach Kazuki Minamitani, Kikuchi's feet were slanting outward (which likely means his shoes were worn down from the outer portion in), putting unnecessary strain on the lower legs.